How to Study Online Building Courses at Home Effectively


Thinking about studying building and construction online courses at home? Studying online has a lot of benefits if you want more freedom and independence in your schedule.

We’ve prepared this blog to to help you decide whether online courses are right for you.

Read on to learn more about:

  • What building and construction courses can I study online?
  • What building short courses can I do online?
  • What building and construction online courses should I take?
  • How to study building and construction online courses

What building and construction courses can I study online?

Studying online is becoming more and more popular as the quality of online courses gets better every day. It’s even possible to do top notch building and construction courses online with reputable training providers like Builders Academy Australia.

We’ve split our online building and construction courses into the following two categories.

The Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom blends in-person learning with the online mode. Basically you attend classes from a computer at work or home, but you have to attend at set times like you do in a regular classroom.

In this way the Virtual Classroom means you do virtual training in real-time. This lets you talk with and ask questions of your trainers and classmates. This is great for you if you want to study construction courses but live or work in a remote area with no building schools nearby.

We offer the following virtual classroom courses online:

Self-paced study

The other way to study courses online is through self-paced study online. Unlike the Virtual Classroom you don’t have to attend classes at set times. Instead you watch pre-recorded lessons in video format at any time that works for you.

Self-paced study gives you the ultimate freedom and control over how you spend your days and when you choose to study online. It’s ideal for people who work full-time, have other commitments, and are self-motivated to complete your lessons.

We offer these self-paced courses online:

What building short courses can I do online?

Short courses online help you dip your toe in a new area, brush up your skills, or continue your professional development. Because short courses only take a few hours or a few days to complete, the online option lets squeeze them in after work or on weekends.

Sometimes known as micro-credentials, short courses online are not accredited but do offer a way to develop and prove your skills with a completion certificate or badge. Employers look favourably on these, especially when they come from a trusted school like BAA.

We offer heaps of user-friendly online short courses for you to choose from, covering subject areas. Click on the category below to view short courses in:

What building and construction online courses should I take?

If you’ve always wanted to do building and construction courses, consider whether studying online would work for you.

If you live far away from training providers or want more freedom in your schedule, you should do a virtual classroom or self-paced study course in building and construction. But you have to be an independent learner and good at managing your own time to keep on track with your course.

On the other hand, If you need more support or you enjoy the classroom vibes, then you should do in person building and construction courses. Builders Academy Australia has campuses right across Victoria so there’s a good chance you will find a classroom near you.

How to study building and construction online courses

Although studying online does require you to be self-motivated and independent, we provide heaps of support through our online building and construction courses.

Our online courses using the Virtual Classroom or self-paced study format are of a very high standard, written and delivered by experience builders. You also have the option of reaching out to your trainer to ask questions at any time.

All you have to do to study on online courses in building and construction is sign up for the course that’s right for you, make sure you have the right technology at home and follow the instructions. Our courses have been developed to be user-friendly so just about anybody can study online with Builders Academy Australia.

Considering studying online building and construction courses? Find out if studying online is right for you by speaking to one of our course advisors on 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) or by completing the callback form.