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Job Outcome: Builder, Construction Manager, Plumber
blue monitor graphic vector Delivery Model: Virtual Classroom
Estimated Salary: $60,000 - $200,000*
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If you’re interested in studying building and construction courses online, our Virtual Classroom lets you study in a way that works for you.

Builders Academy Australia is committed to providing you with access to simple, user-friendly online building courses via our Virtual Classroom.

Convenience is important, and we understand that it’s not always possible to get the right learning resources because of your location, commitments or for health reasons. Our Virtual Classroom was set up so that you can get the qualifications you need to move into management or get your builders licence no matter where you live or work.

You can interact with your Trainer and other students just like you would in a physical classroom. You’ll get a great education, but from the comfort of home or your office. Our online building courses are here to help you become a Building Legend!


About our building and construction courses

Below is a current list of our building and construction courses available via our Virtual Classroom.

If you are interested in studying a Cert IV or Diploma in building online, our experienced course advisers can walk you through the details of our training program.

Why study building online via our Virtual Classroom?

Building and construction is a hands-on industry, but with improvements in technology, real-time virtual training classes are becoming increasingly popular. Many course components can be completed online.

You have the option to study our building and construction courses online as part of our popular Virtual Classroom setting. This approach allows students and Trainers to interact in real-time discussions, questions and quizzes.

It’s just like a real classroom but without the hassle!

If you want flexibility and the freedom to work from home, studying one of our building courses online via our Virtual Classroom could be exactly what you need.

Available throughout Australia

With a set schedule of Virtual Classroom classes each week, you will be able to attend from the comfort of your own home while maintaining all the benefits that come with direct communication and interaction between yourself, your Trainer and your fellow classmates. That means you can study from anywhere in Australia!

How to approach online study

Students login to a Virtual Classroom environment at set class times from their homes or offices via their laptop or PC with a microphone and camera. Our classes run weekday evenings, so that you’ve got time to finish up for the day, spend time with family and have a bite to eat before logging in.

Our Trainers deliver each class live so that you can interact with your Trainer and other students just like you would in a physical classroom. We use polls, live annotations over building plans and a video conferencing software. This way students can ask questions to the whole group or their Trainer directly.

Each session is recorded so that you can go back and rewatch sections of interest. Plus students can hear at least 10 Trainers talk on each topic at any time they wish to expand their knowledge beyond the content covered in their specific classes.

30-40 minutes is set aside before, during and after each class as question time, so you get the most out of your Trainer and their years of experience. This will ensure you don’t fall behind and enables you to see how other students are tracking so you can help each other in an encouraging environment.

Tuition fees and payment options

All fees are related to your government eligibility and the state you are living in. Please follow the links below to see the fees and payment options for each state.

VIC // NSW // ACT // QLD

If you have any questions please get in touch with us on 1300 LEGEND.

*Salary sourced from Glassdoor Feb 2021.

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