Builders Academy Launches Certificate IV in Plumbing & Services


Ready to be your own boss? Complete a Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (CPC40920) at Builders Academy Australia (RTO 21583) and get licensed by your state Licencing authority.

If you are a registered plumber looking to move up in the trade, you must take a state plumbing licence assessment. License assessments are at Certificate IV level and usually require training. Our Certificate IV course includes the core competencies and specialist units for up to seven licence types.

At Builders Academy, we get you ready for this milestone. From core competencies to specific training for your plumbing licence class, equip yourself with the right skills, slap on your tool belt and say, bring it on. We know you’ll kill it.

Getting licensed is a pretty big deal. You get to work for yourself, supervise other registered plumbers, and more importantly, issue compliance certificates. Like a boss. Being a licensed plumber also means you really know your s**t, and that makes you a legend.

To enrol, you must already have a Certificate III in Plumbing in the bag. You may complete the course in 12 months (two nights a week) or 24 months one night per week), depending on your experience and circumstances. Don’t forget to ask about Government funding.

Find out more about the course here.