We dropped in on a diploma class to chat with trainer Alex Kubsch, who’s recently started teaching after 24 years on the tools. If you’re thinking of becoming a trainer yourself or want to see what’s involved in the course, check out the whole interview below.

Name: Alex Kubsch

Age: 47

Job: Builders Academy senior trainer

Background: Self-employed carpenter, 24 years


“I am a cabinet maker by trade. I’ve been working in building running a small company by myself. I’ve had my own business since 1993.

My dad was a carpenter back in Germany. I came to Australia when I was nine and he ran his own business. I got the best of both worlds: the hands-on bit and the business side of it as well.

I’ve always worked for myself, so to step back away from that is quite a change.”


“I knew I was looking for something, but I didn’t know what. Twenty-four years in the game, the body is wearing out.

I did the certificate IV in building and construction. One of the Builders Academy trainers came to me and said, ‘You’d make a good trainer.’ I took it on faith.

I did my work health safety certificate, and then I did my training and assessing course (TAE) – that enabled me to start teaching. I took a leap and did it and got the work.”


“Two and a half years ago when I started this little journey that I’m on, if you had told me I would be training and working in an office, I would have laughed at you.

But I’m loving it. The body has recovered so much. It’s pretty awesome, actually. The students are my favourite part. I just love sharing knowledge.”


“The content of the diploma is awesome. It’s huge. The guys are enjoying it. I’m enjoying training it — I feel, as a trainer, what I’m teaching is relevant and valuable.

We’re talking career paths. If you want to register as a builder, the diploma is definitely going to get you a long way.”


“Learning will take you wherever you want it to. It all depends on how you view it. Some guys do the certificate, hang it on the wall, and they walk past it and look at it but never use it. There’s other guys that will do their studies and take it to the next level.

You gotta use it.”


“I’m happy to come to class. It’s a good feeling for me.”

Legend. Thanks Alex!

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