Apprentice to Project Supervisor – Steps to Build a Successful Career in Construction


Are you considering taking on building and construction courses in carpentry? It’s a path that’s becoming more popular among young people for considerable career potential. But even before you start, there are so many questions.

Do you need construction experience to be a construction manager? And what qualifications do you need to be a construction manager?

There are many building and construction courses available online, like a Certificate III in Carpentry, that can help you take the first leap. But in order to make the most of these building and construction courses, it helps to know where your career is likely to head long term.

Here are some tips to excel in your Certificate III in Carpentry.

Know Your Learning Style

First and foremost, try to tailor your learning to your skills and strengths. As someone just starting out in this trade, you don’t know what you don’t know. But you can still benefit from considering what works for you now, will help you prepare yourself for a Diploma of Building and Construction in the future.

It might be that your boss teaches you skills in different ways. Over time, you can determine which is the method of learning that helps things stick. Is it seeing someone else doing it, and then trying it yourself? Perhaps you like to have the tools in your hand and have someone guide you through the motions.

When you’re just getting started, it can help to think back to school, or even other hobbies and interests. Are you a visual learner? Do you watch videos? Maybe it takes you a while with a one-on-one mentor.

When you study an apprenticeship, you’ll be getting lots of on the job training, whereas in a course like a Diploma of Building and Construction, the style of teaching can be very flexible. You can choose to work closely with your tutor, go it alone with online resources, or complement your skills with practical, hands-on training.

Set Career Goals

Setting career goals might seem like something that you only do at the end of your apprenticeship. But in fact, having an idea of your pathway early on can help you make the most of every opportunity along the way.

You don’t have to know what you want to do 20 years from now. However, knowing the general industry that you’d like to enter at the end of your course is a good first step.

That way, whenever you meet someone new from that industry, for example, you can show your interest and ask questions about how you can give yourself the best chance of success.

Perhaps you want to work in commercial construction, for example. Do some research about how many people are looking for work, where the jobs are, how much you could earn as a carpentry apprentice, and the companies that would most likely hire you. Having this knowledge up your sleeve will also help you when it comes time to negotiate a salary and conditions.

Look To Go The Extra Mile

When you’re starting out, you’ll probably be willing to do whatever you can to secure that first apprenticeship. The secret to long-term success is keeping that same burning passion alive after your Certificate III in Carpentry is over.

It’s easy to get comfortable in any job, including your first apprenticeship. You become mates with the people you work with, and after a few months, you get a handle on the requirements of the job.

But if you’re going to stand out, or if you want to climb the next rung on the ladder, just okay isn’t going to be good enough. Try to think about how you can prove that you’ll do what it takes to improve. Maybe it’s taking on extra study, like a Diploma of Building and Construction or a Certificate III in Carpentry, to show you’re serious. Maybe it’s offering to take on more work, or taking initiative and asking to learn new skills.

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