This week we caught up with ‪#‎BuildersAcademy‬ graduate Amitesh Roy, who recently completed his CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and is now working as a production estimator for Simonds Homes. Check out the interview below for his take on juggling work and study, building a career in a new country and getting a kick of being on construction sites.

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Name: Amitesh Roy, 36
Job: Production estimator for Simonds Homes

Meet Amitesh Roy, Production Estimator for Simonds Homes

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“I’m from the north-east of India, a small town called Dibrugarh, in the state of Assam. I did my schooling in Assam and then I moved to New Delhi, where I studied architecture.”

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Amitesh has always been fascinated by architecture and construction work. This interest and fascination led him to pursue architecture studies.

“You know those box sets of wooden blocks for children? I had that box of blocks for a good seven years and I didn’t lose a single piece. I would build structures again and again, break them down and then build them again. My parents wanted me to be a doctor or an engineer, but architecture and construction [were] always interesting to me. After my Year 12, I took entrance exams for medicine, but I still wanted to give architecture a shot. Finally, I applied and got in.”

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Amitesh’s job made him realise what he really wanted — a career in construction management. With a determined mindset, he took the qualification and got into the management of building and construction projects before deciding to start a career in a new country.

“I worked for two years as an architect, on a residence, a multi-housing complex, and an office complex and shopping centre. During those two years, I realised that I was managing the job better than I was designing it. I loved being on site – it gave me a kick. That’s when I thought maybe that was the job for me, and I decided to do a master’s in construction management. I then worked in construction for six years.”

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“I migrated here last year on a PR [permanent resident] visa based on my qualifications and experience. I didn’t have a job for a long time because the immigration process doesn’t guarantee one; it gets you through the door, but then you’re on your own. I realised after about two months here that I should enrol in a course and get an Australian qualification.”

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Even with his extensive experience of 6 years in the construction industry, Amitesh still felt that he needed a qualification that would help him progress and take the next step in his career. He knew that it would be challenging to complete a qualification while working, and that’s why he opted to do a Certificate IV in Building and Construction with Builders Academy.

“I started looking for courses, and the Certificate IV was the best available. I had to start from scratch. Builders Academy gives you the option of completing the course in nine months, as opposed to one and a half years through other institutes. I needed to earn a qualification and look for a job side by side, so Builders Academy was the best option.”

With Amitesh’s determined mindset and the encouraging environment set by his trainer, he was inspired to succeed in his goal.

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“The course was two nights a week, in St Kilda. The trainers were amazing – especially my trainer, Pascal Gebleux. I used to go in early and stay behind after the classes to talk to him so I could understand the industry better.”

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“Pascal pushed me to keep knocking on doors until I got in, and that’s what I did. I got in touch with the training manager, who called me one day and asked if I’d be willing to become a trainer for Builders Academy. I said, ‘Why not? I can do that.’ He said I’d need to get a Certificate IV in TAE [Training and Assessment], so I enrolled in that course. I’m almost done with the course and hope to join Builders Academy as a trainer soon.”

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“This job, for a contractors position at Simonds Homes, came through Seek. I’d applied for 10 to 12 jobs at Simonds alone, and then I got a call from the estimating team leader, who’d gone through my resume and saw that I was about to complete my Certificate IV with Builders Academy. It was the first call and the first interview – and I got it. I was just thinking to myself the whole time: I have the background and experience. All I need is just one interview. Finally, that’s all it took.”

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“My job involves estimating the quantity and cost of construction for a residence. I’m the guy who sends out the order for production to go onto site, so any mistakes or last-minute changes come down to me. If I see that something isn’t right, I need to report it back before I order.”

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“There’s no fixed period to my contract, so hopefully I can stick with Simonds for a long time. It’s a great opportunity. I would like to move into site supervision and site management, and this is a good start because I can see every detail and item that is required in the construction of a house in Australia. Eventually, I’d like to do a diploma and, who knows, maybe a master’s in construction management in Australia.”

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“I always wanted to get out of India, to work in other places and get experience overseas. My wife is happy, too. She is a Post Graduate student at University of Melbourne, and she picked Melbourne because she loves the weather – she likes a colder place. We knew absolutely no one when we came here, but ten months down the line, I’m at Simonds, I’ve done a Certificate IV, and hopefully I’ll become a trainer for Builders Academy, too. I can’t complain!”

Legend. Thanks, Amitesh!

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