Careers in Building & Construction: Bricklayer


For this week’s ‪#‎ShowUsYourTool‬, we went on site at a Simonds Homes project to interview a bricklayer. Check out the gallery for Ahmet’s take on bricks, wheelbarrows and keeping things level.

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CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Name: Ahmet, 38
Trade: Bricklayer
Tool of the trade: Spirit level


“I’ve been working as a bricklayer for 13 years. I like the job; it’s good. You’re outside in the fresh air.”


“All the bricks have to be plumb and level. We use the spirit level to make sure everything is right. We put profiles on every wall corner and follow it. We mark it with a gauge and follow it with the line. We finish the line and move it up again – it’s our guide until we finish the wall.”


“There are digital spirit levels now, but these are more useable. They’re perfect for bricklaying. If the bubble is between the two lines, that’s all you need to know. The bubble doesn’t lie.”


“You have to be strong for this job. Your arms, your knees and your back – all have to be strong. A full wheelbarrow is heavy – it looks easy to carry but it’s not. You have to know how to lift and do it correctly every time.”


“I studied International Business in Turkey. I came to Australia with no English, no drivers licence. Now I am my own boss and have six or seven people working for me.”


“I can lay a thousand bricks a day if I start early and work all day. I get help from my labourers mixing the mortar and bringing it down. All I have to do is lay the brick. It’s very satisfying.” Legend! Thanks Ahmet.

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