Meet Trudy Williams – Diploma in Building & Construction (Building)


When you think of superheroes, you probably think of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman. Well, at Builders Academy Australia, when we hear the word superhero we immediately think of Trudy Williams.

A double diploma holder, site manager, and a mother, Trudy is the embodiment of hard work.


With her foundations heavily cemented in the building industry, Trudy, with the help of Builders Academy Australia, saw her experience flourish into a promising career in the building and construction industry.

“I had been doing construction admin for 7 years, I was beginning to get restless and wanted to look for that next step. At the time I was working for one of Victoria’s volume builders, and they’re connected to Builders Academy Australia. It was a no brainer, I started a diploma. Then 3 months later I found out I was pregnant!”

Considering the circumstances, you may think that Trudy put on the breaks. You’d be completely wrong!

“I was working full time, pregnant and going to classes 2 days a week.”

With the birth of her beautiful boy, her motivation remained unwavering.

“I was on my maternity leave and then I was back online studying a week after!”

Diploma in Building and Construction

Studying using the Online Virtual Classroom

“The Virtual Classroom was great, I could sit on the couch, spend time with my son and still participate. Studying online gave me that flexibility to still be able to study and not miss a moment of motherhood.”

Thanks to the flexibility of BAA’s online virtual classroom, Trudy continued to study, work and be a full-time mum.

“I think it’s amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of that platform. It’s just so flexible.”

Understanding that our students come from all walks of life, we were delighted to hear that Trudy was getting the support she needed.

“All my trainers are amazing. I can’t speak highly enough. The support that they give you is amazing.”

The flexibility offered from the online virtual classroom allows you to study wherever you live without compromising your learning experience.

Diploma in Building and Construction

Studying the Diploma in Building & Construction (Building)

After finishing her Diploma in Building & Construction (Building), Trudy has been full steam ahead.

“I commenced as a site supervisor in November 2018 where I have got eight houses under construction. 7 at the starting stages, So base frame, and then I’ve got one that’s nearing completion.”

“It’s definitely busy, but you know what, I make it work and I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved as a full-time working mum. Being a mother really pushes you, you have to be disciplined and have a routine. But if you know the rewards are there, then you discipline yourself to achieve your goals. There’s a lot of similarities between motherhood, studying and the Building and Construction industry.”

Thanks for the chat, Trudy! You’re truly an amazing person. We look forward to seeing all the great things you accomplish in your career.


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