Top 8 Good Characteristics of Great Construction Manager


8 Characteristics of construction managers

So you want to get off the tools and take the leap from tradie to construction manager. 

This exciting career move could lead to more fulfilling work and help you earn a higher salary… if you’re cut out for the job. 

Here we discuss what makes a good construction manager to help you decide if this is the career for you. 

1. Leadership

Do you see yourself as a natural leader?

You might find yourself good at organising groups of people and making final decisions on things. 

Perhaps you’ve had experience leading teams in the past such as during sports activities or among your friends.

Even if you don’t find yourself taking command in other areas of life,  you may have great leadership qualities just waiting to shine.

If you can see yourself organising workers to achieve a shared goal, then you could have the leadership qualities to make a great construction manager. 

2. Qualified

One of the most essential characteristics of a construction manager is being qualified.

You’ll find it hard—if not impossible—to find work as a construction manager without the correct training and certification.

Two top courses that teach you how to become a construction manager include: 

Teaches you how to manage low rise single storey residential construction projects.

Teaches you how to manage mid rise residential construction projects up to 3 storeys high.

3. Licensed

As a construction manager, you could have all the experience required to work towards your builders registration with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). 

A builders registration application process is complex and expensive, with many people failing every year.

But when you do your Cert IV in Building and Construction with us, you get a free Builders Registration Mentorship with an expert who helps you understand the application process.

4. Teamwork

A team player is somebody who thrives on working with others.

As a construction manager, you’ll need teamwork skills like collaborating effectively with others, sharing ideas and negotiating agreements that work for everyone.

5. Good Communicator

As a construction manager, you’d be working with people everyday.

It’s absolutely essential to be a good communicator by expressing yourself clearly and listening well to others.

Good communication includes nonverbal skills too such as appropriate body language, eye contact and the ability to empathise with others.

6. Inclusive

As a construction manager you’ll find yourself working with people from all walks of life.

You’ll work alongside people with different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.

To be a great construction manager, you need to create an inclusive environment by removing barriers that unfairly discriminate against people based on their gender, age, sexual orientation, race, disability and more.

7. Organised

We’ve already seen how a construction manager needs to be a good leader, team player and communicator. 

But aside from these people skills, you also need general organisational skills.

As a construction manager, you’d need to do tasks like ordering building materials, creating budgets and making sure everything runs according to schedule.

If you’re naturally an organised person then you could already have this very important characteristic of a construction manager.

But you can always learn, develop and improve your organisational skills when you do your Cert 4 or Diploma of Building and Construction.

8. Passion for construction

At the end of the day, your passion for building and construction will motivate you to become the best construction manager you can be. 

If you love the idea of building homes and businesses that people will use every day, then you can learn and develop just about any of the above characteristics of construction managers.

Use your passion for building to commit to learning essential skills like organisation and working with people.

What makes you a good construction manager?

At Builders Academy, we’ve trained hundreds of students across Victoria to become leaders in the construction industry, so we know exactly what it takes to become a great construction manager.

What sets us apart from other building schools and tafes is our commitment to “builders training builders” 

Enrol in a Certificate 4 or Diploma of Building and Construction and you learn from expert builders and construction managers who have many years of experience.

Study with us and you’ll develop all the top characteristics needed to be a great construction manager.

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