Meet Marc Booth – Diploma of Building and Construction


The Construction Industry is an innovative industry, which constantly embraces technology to become more efficient, cost-effective and safer. This means that Construction constantly provides new opportunities, but it can also mean that it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

That’s why Marc Booth is undergoing his Diploma of Building and Construction at Builders Academy Australia.

“I think keeping current and upskilling is essential really. It’s an industry that’s constantly coming up with new ideas and being innovative,” he says.

Marc is already a site supervisor, but he’s putting in the time to gain an extra qualification and stay ahead of an industry that’s constantly changing.

How Leaders Stay Ahead

Marc is driven, with a focus on the bigger picture and what’s best for a business.

“I started out in residential and then I’ve slowly moved up into the commercial and industrial side of things, and I kind of enjoy that volume side of that.”

Marc is building retirement villages for Ryman Healthcare, a New Zealand company that has just moved into Australia in the last couple of years. The project Marc is working on is the company’s first project on Australian soil.

“I’m on the one site at the moment,” Marc says. “On our site, I manage one building. I’m a structural foreman and that’s where all my time goes.”

This level of responsibility means that Marc has long busy days at work. In spite of this, Marc has chosen to return to study because of how things he learns can improve his work, now and into the future.

Luckily, Marc’s bosses at Ryman understood the benefits of supporting Marc as he completed his Diploma.

“My employers were aware that I was starting the course and they were very supportive in that. I guess at the end of the day, if I am better at doing my job, that benefits them in the long run.”

“They’re a very progressive company,” Marc adds.

Progressive companies often understand that the Construction Industry is highly subject to change and that the most qualified tradespeople are the best leaders when these changes occur.

How Tradies Keep Up

New technology is changing the way projects are managed and approached, allowing tradies to save time on jobs and work better. But, unless workers learn how to operate in a new industry, they risk missing out on the benefits that these changes can offer.

“It’s definitely a modernising industry,” Marc says, adding that with technology Construction is, “speeding up.”

These transformations are one of the reasons Marc decided that he wouldn’t wait any longer to study and get his Diploma.

Marc emphasises the importance of gaining these skills now, “so that you know what you’re talking about and so you can bring ideas and problem solving to the table.”

“When issues arise, if you’re aware of a product or you’re aware of a system that could work better, you might potentially save your employer a lot of heartache in the long run.”

Marc stresses the importance of this for anyone who is in a supervising role, or who aspires to move into a supervising role in the future.

“Having a good idea of that bigger picture, of what’s going on across the site, is important so that everybody can sort of interact.”

Even though it might seem crazy to add study to a busy workload, Marc says that the knowledge from a Diploma, “makes the processes a lot smoother in the long run.”

“Challenges wise, it is time management for me. I work long hours. I’m at work at 6:30, a lot of the time I don’t get away until 6 o’clock.”

“Finding the time to fit in work as well as stay on top of assignments is definitely challenging, but I just think that if I put that effort in now it will be worth it in the long run.”


Marc is hard-working, and he has had support from his employer, but he says that the learning environment at Builders Academy Australia makes studying easier as well. With experience in the industry, the BAA trainers understand the challenges of working and studying.

The trainers are very, “easy-going,” Marc says, adding that they can read the room well. “When guys are tired, we won’t go too hard, to try and make it enjoyable and easier to learn for everyone.”

“We’ve had a few different trainers and they’ve all brought something different,” which suits the “variety of learning styles,” of everyone in the class.

“There’s a diverse range of people, from guys who have never worked on a building site to guys who have worked in the industry for a long time. “

“There’s always a good amount of banter in class. It’s pretty good fun.”

Above all, Marc recommends pursuing the extra qualification. For him, he believes it will help with his career and open doors for him in the future.

“I’d be really excited about the prospect of what I can do with that.”

“It’s a tangible certificate, it’s a tangible asset that I can show. It’s not just my word, at the end of the day.”


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