Meet Mathew: Owner of HB Bricklaying and Certificate IV student with BAA


Name: Mathew Hurley

Job Title: Owner of HB Bricklaying

Studying: Certificate IV in Building Construction

Mathew has only been in Melbourne for two years, but business is going really well.


“There is so much work in Melbourne, so it was easy to set up my company here. Before I started my business I was just working for someone else, doing my apprenticeship. My brother’s a bricklayer as well, so we thought doing it together might be a bit easier. I started the company because I wanted to be my own boss. You can do your own thing a little bit more, and the extra money is good.”

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Having run his own business for the last eight years, we’re not that surprised. Originally from Western Australia, Mathew and his partner moved over for her job. So he just picked up and brought the company across.

He’s got three blokes working on site for him, all of which were working flat out when we arrived on site to chat! “I’ve got two bricklayers working for me who are both qualified and just another young guy who’s a labourer.”

diploma of building and construction

Studying the Certificate IV in Building Construction with BAA

The course with BAA has been really useful for Mathew. “It has opened my mind up to the whole building and construction industry, not just my one trade. It’s given me a better understanding of the ins and outs of what goes on from start to finish, and little things you wouldn’t have picked up on before – building processes, contracts and more of the business side of things.”

“One of the whole modules is a business module where it’s all about finances and signing of contracts. It’s the sort of stuff which we don’t really learn about on the tools, so it’s been good to learn all of that in class.”

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

“Our trainer is not your usual trainer, but that’s a good thing. He makes classes fun and a bit more enjoyable to go to, instead of just going there and studying the whole time. We work hard, but he makes a bit more enjoyable and it’s good after a long hard day, laughing with the boys. All the boys in the class are good guys. I suppose all being tradies, we all have similar interests anyway, we’ll get on well so it’s good.”

Mathew wants to get of the tools and into management, so he chose to study with BAA because it is government subsidised, the evening courses suit him, classes are a five minute drive from his home, and because our BAA Builder Licencing Specialist, can help him prepare his for his DBU application.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction course

Looking forward

“Got into bricklaying at a young age and I suppose I didn’t think I could make the same money doing anything else, so I sort of just stuck with it. I love the construction industry, but am ready for a change. I want to have my own small building company. Build homes, renovate places and work in residential construction.”

“My advice to anyone considering studying is to just jump in and do it. I was a bit worried at the start but it hasn’t been too bad at all. Once you get the routine of going to class a couple of days a week it’s all good. It’s really not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Plus, with the government funding offer, it’s a good time to save yourself some money.”

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

What a legend. Cheers for the chat, Mathew!

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