Why Your Career in Building & Construction Won’t be Automated


Although automation has been going on for some time, it is now being implemented at a rapid rate.

A cause for concern for a number of industries and lower-level workers, even those in building and construction with significant qualification, like a CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction, are left wondering about their future.

Since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve been getting better at making machines do a lot of the hard work for us. And while this may be a positive game-changer for businesses looking at their bottom line and managing strict deadlines, unfortunately it means that humans are no longer needed for simpler tasks.

While this may have started by impacting factory work, automation has since crept into almost every aspect of our lives. As technology becomes smarter, we now see automation digitally revolutionise roles like bank tellers, travel agents and accountants.

Artificial intelligence means that robots are taking over mining and transport industries with better outcomes than ever before. We’re designing machines to become smarter, but will it be our downfall?

Automation in Building Construction

Having witnessed this trend in so many other fields, many graduates in the building industry are left wondering, ‘Will construction be automated?’

If you’re just leaving your CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction, then rest assured that there is good news ahead. The latest reports indicate that the threat of automation taking over jobs really depends on the industry in question. Overall, less than 5% of jobs are expected to be wiped out entirely by automation.

And when it comes to building and construction, the future looks extremely bright. In fact, many organisations are currently complaining of a labour shortage. But why does this industry seem to be exempt from the trend that is impacting almost every area of work?

Why Building and Construction Courses Online Could Be the Key

The secret ingredient may be the fact that no two construction jobs are the same. Think about any construction job you’ve been a part of, whether it was renovating a house or a large-scale commercial build.

At each stage of the process, there have been people with very specific sets of skills involved—but some of their most valuable skills are those in versatility and adaptability.

Although tools to deliver better results on work are becoming more refined, building a house is so complex that automating the industry is unlikely. Although the industry uses on automation to source resources – steel, timber, and stone – industry courses like our CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction train you for unpredictable circumstances that require quick thinking and novel approaches.

Additionally, construction is a sequential process, in which hundreds of roles have to come together through a pipeline to get the job done. Delays at one of these stages is always inevitable, so constant updating and rescheduling is necessary.

Another argument involves a lack of environmental control. Car manufacturers carry out their operations within a factory setting, one that has been designed for a streamlined process.

Builders often don’t have this same luxury, and instead have to work with the elements and the unique positioning of each project. Again, it’s a human factor that makes automation in this area problematic.

The Benefits of Automation

An interesting point to remember is that much of the worry around automation hinges on the assumption that there is a finite amount of work in the world.

If machines take a bigger slice, there will be less left for humans.

But in reality, the consequences of automation may not be so black and white. Machines can help us boost profits, grow companies, and ultimately drive up demand for products or services. In turn this demands increased human resources to fuel the growth.

Automation can be a very positive thing for your career, and you can make the most of this growth by preparing with building and construction courses online.

Upskilling is Your Secret Weapon

While automation in construction industries poses no immediate threat, it’s not to say that you won’t feel the ripple effects. A common trend that accompanies automation, for example, is that all workers, of all levels, need to focus on upskilling. What more can you offer?

Can you choose on-the-job upskilling, or more a more formal CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction? Perhaps building and construction courses online would help you to refine your niche?

Remember, where robots fail often requires a human touch. For those in the construction industry, strong connections you build with employers, colleagues and clients is increasingly important.

You might also like to consider developing some trait-based skills, like leadership or people management. These are vital for a number of roles that simply cannot be performed by machines, like Construction Managers, Project Manager, or Site Supervisors.

Building and construction courses online may be your first important step towards future-proofing your job.