What Will Site Supervisors Earn After Covid?


If you’re a tradie looking to get off the tools, you could become a site supervisor.

Even in a postcovid world, studying to become a site supervisor could give you greater earning potential. 

Let’s chat about what you should expect from a site supervisor salary in Australia.

First up, what is a site supervisor?

A site supervisor looks after a construction work site. They make sure all the tradies do a good job and follow the health and safety rules.

What does a site supervisor do?

Now that you know what a site supervisor is, here’s a basic rundown of their tasks and duties. 

A site supervisor:

  • Gives tradies instructions to follow
  • Works out how to lower risk to workers
  • Maintains and inspects equipment and machines
  • Works with managers and stakeholders (like developers, local council, etc)
  • Keeps records of work

How much do site supervisors earn?

Covid-19 has impacted jobs all across the country. Wages have not yet stabilized. But we can look at the previous info about salaries to make educated guesses about the future.

According to PayScale, here are the stats pre-covid:

The average site supervisor salary in Australia was AU$84,069.

Compare that to the average carpenter salary of  AU$61,511!

These salaries may change as a result of the pandemic—it’s too soon to tell. But one thing is for sure. You can earn more as a site supervisor compared to a tradie, even post-covid.

A site supervisor salary in Australia is higher than a regular tradie’s salary because the job involves more expertise and responsibility.

Will there be site supervisor jobs after covid?

We’re sure you’ve been following the news closely. As you’ve probably heard, it’s too soon to know what will happen to the construction industry.

We do know that the construction industry was booming before covid came to town.

But there are signs that the industry is still going strong. One Melbourne builder said that he has enough work to keep him going for two more years!

These positive signs for the construction industry are in part thanks to the government stimulus. In May, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced a $2.7 billion construction stimulus package to help keep builders in jobs and drive our economic recovery.

How to become a site supervisor

Option 1: If you’re new to the building game…

Site supervisors usually start as tradies.

If you haven’t worked in building and construction before and want to become a site supervisor, first get qualified as a tradie.

There are heaps of entry-level trades qualifications to get you started, but the most popular and best all-rounder is the Certificate III in Carpentry. When you study this course, you get all the basic skills to build your career in construction. You also do a carpentry apprenticeship at the same time, giving you hands on experience.

Once you’ve got the basics down pat, you can do a higher qualification like a diploma to help you become a site supervisor.

Option 2: If you’re already in the building game…

So you’ve already got qualifications and experience as a builder or tradie. Now it’s time to take the next step.

Get qualified as a site supervisor by doing a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). This course teaches you how to do supervisor and management work, giving you that leg up in the industry.

Don’t want to take time off work? No stress. Our Diploma of Building and Construction is flexible. You can do it in-person after work or even online.

Studying at Builders Academy Australia

Builders Academy Australia can help you reach your career goals in building and construction.

We are a registered training provider (RTO) based in Victoria. We’ve trained thousands of people in the construction industry and our students become tradies, builders, supervisors and managers.

Whether you want to start out in the building game or upskill to become a supervisor, our courses help you get there.

Understanding your potential earnings

Even though there’s plenty of uncertainty about life after covid, it’s good to know the construction industry started from a position of strength, is receiving government support and is tipped for a strong recovery after covid.

We also know that a site supervisor job is a great job in the construction industry. It’s at a higher level than trades work, so it comes with a higher salary.

Want to learn more about the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)? Give us a bell on 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) and one of our experienced course advisers can talk you through the details.