Meet Levi: Site supervisor and Certificate IV student with Builders Academy Australia


We met up with Levi How, a Builders Academy Australia (BAA) Certificate IV student currently working as a site supervisor for construction company Gunn Building. Levi told us about his journey to becoming a supervisor, what his job involves and what his plan is for the future.

Name: Levi How

Job title: Site supervisor

“I’ve been a carpenter for six years now. I’m pretty keen to get off the tools, hence why I’m doing my Certificate IV in Building & Construction and trying to gain a little bit more knowledge in building as a whole rather than just my trade.”

“Gunn Building have taken me on with the idea that I’ve obviously started with them as a chippy, as a leading hand, and then with the end goal that I’ll take over as an on-site supervisor in a leadership position. I’m aiming for that in the next couple of months – I’ll take a step back from being on the tools entirely and take on more of a supervisor role.”

“This project’s been a renovation and extension. It was more up, rather than out. The main part of the job was to rip off the existing roof and then re-pitch it so that they could have a cathedral ceiling. We’ll eventually just plaster straight to the underside of that roof inside. It creates quite a nice effect.”

“It’s always a challenge trying to tie the old in with the new, especially with a house that’s been around for this long. There are a lot of things that are out of square. Then, obviously, the materials they used back then are pretty much obsolete now, so you’re working with old materials that are no longer around. Trying to tie new materials in with the old always requires a bit of negotiating.”

“I’m doing the course in person, two nights a week: Monday and Wednesday. We’ve got a good bunch of people in the class, so it makes it pretty easy. We all get along with each other really well, and we help each other try and get over the line.”

“The Cert IV has definitely helped me gain knowledge to the point where I can do a job like this as well as manage the other trades. Just get started with the course and you’ll gain knowledge that’s invaluable.”

“I’ve taken a lot out of the class so far. It’s pushing me to do the Diploma of Building & Construction, and keep upskilling.”

“The next step will be the diploma. I’d definitely do it at Builders Academy again. They’ve been great so far, pretty supportive and, like I said, a pretty good, fun bunch of people, pretty easy to get along with. It’s been enjoyable.”

Legend. Thanks, Levi!

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