Can a Woman be a Plumber? 5 Easy Steps to Make it Happen


How to become a woman plumber

At Builders Academy Australia, we’re huge supporters of women in the trades.

And just like it’s possible for a woman to become any tradie, a woman can most definitely become plumbers.

Read on to learn how to become a woman plumber, even in an industry dominated by men.

Step 1: Know what a plumber is and does

Your first step on the path to becoming a woman plumber is just the same as for any trade: you need to know about the job.

Only by reading about the role of a plumber and watching videos of plumbing work can you  decide whether this job would be right for you.

To start with the basics, a plumber is a qualified tradesperson who works with water, gas or sewage pipes. 

Your day to day would involve going to various sites to install, maintain and repair pipes and systems. 

To learn more about what a plumber does and what their daily tasks are like a great resource is our news page

Here we post regular stories, articles and videos about students and fully qualified tradies including plumbers.

Step 2: Do an apprenticeship

Once you’ve decided that you want to become a woman plumber, you need to do a plumbing apprenticeship.

As a plumber’s apprentice, you learn a certificate 3 in plumbing while working full-time for a real employer.

While it’s possible to get work as a plumber without having done an apprenticeship or certificate 3, it’s much more difficult to get a job without this experience and qualification.

But employers across Australia and even overseas recognise the certificate 3 and plumbing apprenticeship.

By getting plumbing qualifications, you also increase your chances of getting a job by becoming a stronger candidate compared to other applicants. 

Step 3: Up your game with a cert 4

Doing a certificate 3 and a plumbing apprenticeship is the best way to learn the trade of plumbing,  but you’ll still have room to improve.

The certificate 3 doesn’t teach you how to supervise other plumbers or do compliance certificates.

So with only a cert 3 under your belt, you’ll be limited to working as a basic plumber. 

But if you want to get a higher level plumbing job, become a manager or run your own business, you need a CPC40920 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations).

The Cert 4 in Plumbing is a FREE TAFE course for eligible Australians because there is currently a big demand for senior plumbers at this level. 

This Certificate 4 in Plumbing and Services will open up doors in your plumbing career and help you get higher paying jobs or earn more money as a businesswoman. 

Step 4: Get your registration

To work as a plumber, you need a plumbing licence or registration from the Victorian Building Authority. 

Your certificate 3 in plumbing qualifies you to apply for your plumbing licence and work as a general plumber.

And your Certificate 4 in Plumbing and Services (Operations) provides you the skills and knowledge for your plumbing registration.

When you do your Certificate 4 in Plumbing and Services with us, you learn from trainers who are plumbers themselves and can help you prepare for your VBA application. 

Step 5: Connect with women tradies

The building and construction industry has more men workers then women workers, but the Victorian Government has a plan to support women tradies.

As a woman plumber, you may face challenges to getting jobs such as being overlooked or excluded, but the good news is that change is underway.

Stay motivated and get support by connecting with other women tradies, starting with our Facebook and Instagram where we share stories of our women trainers and students.  

Can a woman be a plumber?

If you’re wondering whether a woman can become a plumber, the answer is a resounding yes!

At Builders Academy Australia, we’ve trained hundreds of people across Victoria to become tradies, including women.

While women tradies are still a minority, their numbers are growing and so is the support available to increase their numbers and visibility. 

Thinking of becoming a woman plumber? Find out if you’re eligible to do a tuition FREE Certificate 4 in Plumbing and Services (Operations) by speaking to one of our course advisors. Call 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) or request a callback today.