How to Get Started in Building and Construction


Just left high school or itching for a change? Careers in building and construction could be the right pathway for you. With demand for construction projects increasing, opportunities for building and construction management professionals are on the rise, especially when you have the right training and experience.

That’s where Builders Academy Australia (BAA) comes in. Your first step is to enrol in the 22216VIC Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) Pre-Apprenticeship. This qualification gives you the knowledge you need to work on construction projects and become a sought-after carpentry apprentice and kick-start your career.

Why choose a career in building and construction?

Construction trades are fundamental to our society. Without new homes, commercial buildings, community facilities, and other infrastructure, we’d find it hard to grow and function. This makes the national building and construction industry an important sector of society. And for you, this means your work as a building contractor can have a profound and lasting impact.

Still asking the question, ‘why choose a career in construction?’ The industry is in a boom right now, with strong employment rates and excellent job prospects for construction managers both here and around the world. In Victoria alone, over 42,000 new homes are built each year, and this number isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

There will always be a need for qualified building and construction professional workers to complete the growing number of new residential and commercial developments. Ultimately, the career outlook for the industry has never been better.

Careers in building and construction can vary, but that’s why it’s such an exciting field. You might become a qualified carpenter and start your own construction company, or take on-the-job training up a notch and work in a supervisory role. Passion and commitment is the only limit, which can be nurtured with the right entry-level course.


Laying the foundations

The 22216VIC Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) Pre-Apprenticeship is a fantastic point of entry into the industry. It’s a comprehensive course with hands-on experience, combining both theoretical and practical skills, while also teaching you the ins-and-outs of construction, construction costs and technology. Armed with this qualification, you’ll be work-ready, adaptable and efficient. From an employer’s perspective, this is everything they look for in an apprentice, giving you the advantage over non-trained applicants.

From here, your trajectory is in your hands. Many students go on to complete an apprenticeship in carpentry, CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry. This apprenticeship will supply you with skilled on-the-job training, and when you complete this apprenticeship, you’ll be a qualified carpenter. This means you’ll be eligible to enrol in the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) qualification and take your career to new heights. Whichever pathway you choose, it all begins with a solid entry point, which is exactly what BAA can offer.

The BAA difference

We are committed to our ‘builders training builders’ principal, providing the highest level of vocational education and training in construction management. By drawing on solid connections to a community of industry partners, BAA offers the kind of curriculum and training services that meet real-world industry needs.

What does this mean for you? You’ll learn from experienced leaders with innovative approaches to teaching. You’ll also work in an environment that reflects the rapidly changing workforce – so you won’t be left behind or unequipped to deal with challenges in the industry.

While there are many opportunities for building and construction jobs, landing them is another step entirely. By starting your journey with BAA, you’ll have access to strong employer networks through Simonds Group and other industry partners such as Apprenticeship Centers and Group Training Organisations.

We help you to be in a better position to find employment with your chosen employer or through our network.

The building and construction industry is one of the largest and most progressive industries in the world, with exciting and varying career opportunities across a range of fields.

The 22216VIC Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) Pre-Apprenticeship is fast becoming the best entry point into the industry for carpenters. Find out more information about course duration, assessment methods, entry requirements and materials needed for our building courses when you jump online.