How to Work as a Plumber Abroad in Australia


Are you dreaming of starting a new life abroad?

If so, Melbourne Australia is one of the most liveable cities in the world with low cost of living and very high incomes compared to other countries.

In today’s blog, we talk about what it’s like to become a plumber in Melbourne and how you can live the dream of becoming a tradie in Australia.

How much do plumbers earn in Australia?

As you work out whether becoming a plumber abroad is right for you, let’s look at the plumber salary in Australia.

Recent statistics from leading job website Indeed shows that the  average plumber salary in Australia is  $77,902 per year.

To break that down, it means that as a local plumber in Australia you could earn about $44.46 per hour.

This applies to general register plumbers, but if you were to do your certificate 4 and become a licenced plumber, you could earn an even bigger salary of six figures.

Step 1: Get qualified

Every country has different requirements for what training plumbers and other tradespeople need.

In Australia, having a qualification like a certificate or diploma gives you a much better chance of getting good jobs, good customers, and making money.

This is because most tradies and plumbers have certificate 3s and 4s, so you will need your own certificates 3 and 4 to compete with these workers for the jobs.

Aside from this, having qualifications in plumbing is the best way to go because you’ll get excellent training to help you feel in control and confident in your work.

Work as a Plumber Abroad

Step 2: Do certificate 3

Certificate 3 in Plumbing is the best qualification to get you started as a plumber.

Do your certificate 3 by studying at trades school a couple of nights a week while working full-time as a plumber’s apprentice.

In this way, you get hands-on experience as you learn from an experienced master tradie.

Once you’ve completed your certificate 3, you are eligible to apply for a plumbing registration with the Victorian Building Authority.

This registration lets you legally do certain types of plumbing work but not all of them.

Step 3: Do Certificate 4

Once you’ve done your cert 3, you are now eligible to do a CPC40920 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations).

The Certificate 4 in Plumbing and Services teaches you even more advanced skills in the plumbing industry like how to choose a specialist stream and how to run a business.

The Cert 4 in Plumbing and Services also gets you ready for your plumbing licence so once you’ve completed your certificate 4 you can apply for a licence with the VBA.

With this licence you’ll be able to do even more advanced work in plumbing like managing or even training other plumbers.

Step 4: Choose a great building school

If you’re thinking about working as a plumber abroad in Australia can we recommend studying with a trusted building school.

At Builders Academy Australia, we are a registered training organisation also known as an RTO.

That means we are authorised to deliver certificates that are nationally recognised across Australia and meet a very high standard.

We’re also one of the biggest building schools in Victoria and have been awarded Small Training Provider of the Year in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

Part of the reason why our courses are so popular with aspiring tradespeople is that we are a school of ‘builders training builders’.

In other words, when you study with us you’ll learn with building and construction experts who have worked in the industry themselves for many decades before becoming trainers.

Step 5: Find a job or start a business

Our trainers are friendly and very helpful as they guide you in your journey to becoming a plumber and getting your registration or licence.

Having been around for such a long time, our building school also has strong connections with the building industry in the eastern states like Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Thanks to these industry connections, we can help our graduates connect with builders and other employers.

When you do your Certificate 4 in Plumbing and Services with us, you’ll also learn how to run your own plumbing business so that you can be your own boss.

Work as a Plumber Abroad

Plumber jobs abroad

Due to a shortage of skilled construction workers, there’s never been a better time to get plumber jobs abroad in Australia.

Not only is the plumber salary in Australia very high compared to other countries, there are plenty of job opportunities for qualified registered or licenced plumbers.

Thinking of becoming a plumber in Australia? Speak to one of our international student advisors about your options on 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) or request a callback and we’ll get back to you.