How to Find Jobs in Mobile Plant Operation Victoria 


If you’re interested in civil construction, then becoming a mobile plant operator might be the right career for you.

In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about becoming a mobile plant operator, such as:

  • What is a plant operator
  • What does a plant operator do
  • How to become a plant operator
  • Plant operator salary australia

What is a plant operator?

A plant operator is a person who works with heavy machinery and earth moving equipment in the civil construction industry. As a mobile plant operator you’d be driving equipment like loaders, excavators, rollers and dozers.

As a civil construction industry worker, you’d be a specialist in building the infrastructure that our built environment depends on. This includes roads, streets, bridges, tunnels and everything that our homes and workplaces are built on.

What does a plant operator do?

Now that you know the basics of what a mobile plant operator is, let’s look in more detail at what a mobile plant operator does on a daily basis.

As a mobile plant operator, you will be conducting a broad range of tasks in civil construction.

Plant operators are normally trained to specialise in operating a number of earthmoving equipment that could include:

  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • front-end loaders
  • graders, scrapers
  • skid-steer loaders
  • rollers
  • forklifts

Your daily tasks will include all things related to the operation of the plants, including cleaning, lubricating, maintenance and repairs.

You’ll work from drawings and specifications to conduct earthmoving works and inspect machinery and equipment regularly to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Since you’ll be working in civil construction on infrastructure projects, as a qualified plant operator you will also know how to conduct safe and effective traffic management around construction sites.

Mobile Plant Operation

Plant operator salary australia

Like other trades jobs, plant operators earn a decent salary in Australia.

Your salary will depend on various factors like your skill level, your qualifications, how much experience you’ve had, and whether you work in Melbourne or in regional Victoria.

To give you a rough idea of what a mobile plant operator in Melbourne can earn, statistics from Indeed show that the average plant operator earns $40.31 per hour or $78,605 per year.

How to become a plant operator?

As of 2022, there’s a big skill shortage in the construction industry across Australia. In other words, there is a demand for people who can work as mobile plant operators (NSC).

This could be good news for you if you’ve been thinking about becoming a mobile plant operator. Not only are roles abundant but qualifications are paid for by the government as part of the Free Priority TAFE program.

If you are a young person or a career changer, you might be eligible to do  a free Certificate III In Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30820) (Mobile Plant Operator).

When you choose to do your cert 3 in plant operations with a well-known trading provider like Builders Academy Australia, we’ll help you work out if you’re eligible for this free course.

By choosing our famous trades school, you’ll also gain a competitive edge against others who are trying to get plant operator jobs. Employers across Victoria know that we deliver excellent training to our students and our certificates are highly regarded.

Jobs as Mobile Plant Operation

How to find jobs in mobile plant operation?

Study with us and we’ll help you find jobs in mobile plant operations. Our building school and trainers have strong industry connections with employers who are looking for newly qualified workers or apprentices.

We also different to other training providers because we’re committed to having ‘builders training builders’. So when you study plant operations with us, you’ll learn from experienced builders and tradies who can advise you about how to find mobile plant operator jobs.

Aside from the usual job search websites like Seek and Indeed, one of the best ways to get jobs is through word-of-mouth and recommendations.

By studying plant operations with us you’ll join our network of builders across the civil construction industry and get glued onto job offers as they pop-up.

Mobile plant operators are also in high demand in the mining industry. So if you ever want to side step from civil construction to mining, you could use your cert 3 in plant operation to get fly-in-fly-out jobs or to work interstate.


Considering doing a Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30820)? Give us a call on 1300 LEGEND to learn more about your education pathways and career opportunities. Or send us a message and a course advisor will get back to you soon.