How to Volunteer as a Tradie in Building and Construction


There comes a time in many professionals’ careers when they consider how they can give back to the industry that taught them so much. With so many years of experience, you can choose to use your skills to help others in need, or to help those just entering the field.

Mentorship is one way that many experienced tradies choose to pass on their learning, or choosing to teach a course, like a CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building & Construction online. While this is not volunteering, you do get to connect with juniors in the field and nurture their careers.

Construction volunteering programs in your local community

Of course, you may choose to volunteer your own time to mentor young tradies that have just finished their apprenticeship, or even those new to the management side of the industry.

There are also many excellent initiatives where you can give your time and ability to those in need on a voluntary basis. Check out some of the ways you can help people in your local community below.

1. Free Trade Day

How often in your day-to-day work do you come across a situation where you wish you could do more?

You might see a single parent trying to scrape together the money for an emergency repair they didn’t budget for. Perhaps it’s an elderly person on a pension who’s just received a large bill that they can’t afford, or aren’t able to afford repair works.

These are difficult situations, but through initiatives like Free Trade Day, you can choose to donate your time and resources to help communities that really need it. Simply sign up online, and once a year on Free Trade Day, you’ll be asked to donate a day of your trade to someone who needs it, but cannot afford to pay for it.

Trades that come together for this event include plumbers, electricians, maintenance workers, outdoor workers, and building and construction workers. There’s even a miscellaneous category if your skills fall outside of these specialties. If you’re determined to do something instantly, you can also make an online donation to this cause.

2. Buildings for Those in Need

Dive into volunteering head-first by registering for a volunteer house-building project in Australia or overseas. These construction volunteering programs can be extremely rewarding, as you get to connect with like-minded people, and see how your efforts are going to make a difference.

You might be tasked with volunteer house building, school maintenance, or helping out at a playground or library.

While many young people choose to volunteer in this way, your trades experience will certainly place you in good stead to help out as much as possible. You can even take part at a higher level with qualifications like a Certificate IV in Building and Construction online.

There are plenty of programs out there, ranging from two weeks to a year or more, so you can find one that suits your time commitments and skill level.

Not sure where to start looking? Check out this initiative from Involvement Volunteers International in Bali that can be flexible around your needs. There are small fees involved, which go towards practicalities like your accommodation and meals while you’re there. This means that more of their donations can go towards building and construction materials.

3. SALT of the Earth

If you’re a tradeswoman and want to contribute to volunteer building projects in Australia, here’s a group just for you. SALT of the Earth is an organisation dedicated to supporting and linking tradeswomen — an important goal in an industry dominated by men.

You can contact SALT of the Earth to chat about volunteering opportunities that may fit your skills and time commitment, and it may even be on an as-needed basis.

In 2014, SALT of the Earth rallied some of its volunteer tradies to respond to the drought in Queensland and New South Wales, helping out farmers who were in financial hardship as they lost their crops and livestock. Tasks included everything from painting outbuildings to fixing a tractor for an 83-year-old farmer.

Want to get involved in the building and construction industry?

There’s no one right way to give back in the building and construction industry.

Whether you choose to mentor, volunteer, sponsor or fundraise, there is a program that’s the right fit for you. On top of the immediate knowledge that you’re doing good for others, volunteers also report building long-term friendships with their fellow tradies, and a real sense of accomplishment in seeing the end result come to life.

If you don’t have years of experience under your belt, then you may like to boost your skills before registering. A CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building & Construction online will help prepare you to be of the most help on site.