Meet Nathaniel – Diploma Building & Construction


This week we caught up with Simonds building manager, Nathaniel to discuss his Diploma of Building and Construction (Management). 

Despite all of Nathan’s previous experience, he still felt the Diploma was a necessary step for the next stage of his career. He discusses how the course encouraged him to listen a lot more to his staff ultimately making him the leader he is today.

I’m Nathaniel, building manager for Simonds West. Been here 9 years, started as a supervisor, come as a construction manager, now I run the Simonds West construction team.

As a building manager, I look after the entire construction team. So I have three construction managers, a maintenance team, maintenance manager, and thirteen supervisors. 

So obviously, 150 houses on site at any given time, make sure the quality is right, obviously enforce all the new policies and procedures we have.

The build site for wide platforms, big thing for Simonds for the safety part of things. We’re probably the front runner when it comes to safety.

Probably for me, one of the things I probably did a little different since the course is I used to give the answers before they ask the question. Now, I listen a lot more and then let people go and do what they think and then explain to them what happened and why it went wrong.

Still probably the highlight for me, when we hand over a really nice display that we put a lot of work into. There’s a satisfaction there that ‘I built that. It looks nice.’ I’ve been getting a kick out of making people happy or presenting something that you built. Generally, that’s a pretty good kick.

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