Meet Lachlan Campbell – Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)


Lachlan Campbell had never considered a career in carpentry, but when he received an award for best Certificate II in Carpentry during secondary school, all that changed.

“I have no trade background in my family. I actually had plans to be an architect,” he says with a grin. “But receiving that award and being able to build up my skills, especially with using my hands in my trade, that’s when I really thought, ‘I could make a career out of this.’”

Building and Construction

Unlocking potential

At Builders Academy Australia, Lachlan’s story is one of our favourites because it demonstrates how the right course can open up doors for talented and energetic young people. For Lachlan, this means a carpentry apprenticeship with Melbourne-based company Mosbuilt Constructions.

“The potential for personal and professional growth is, I think, the part of this job I enjoy the most. I get to converse a lot with the office, whether it’s design, project management or procurement.

“And sure, by the end of the four-year apprenticeship I’m going to be a qualified carpenter, but I’m also building positive relationships. Being able to speak to and learn from people in higher-up positions within the industry is great.”

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Studying the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Lachlan sees this opportunity as complimentary to his Certificate IV in Building and Construction with Builders Academy Australia.

“In my Certificate IV I’m learning all the things I don’t get a chance to learn in my apprenticeship. Trade skills I can learn on the job, but the Cert IV has taught me contractural knowledge, communication, and all of the National Construction Codes.

“I now understand what goes on behind the scenes. In my Certificate III in Carpentry I learnt how to build stairs, but I didn’t learn why they’re made the way they’re made. In my Certificate IV, I went past just the ‘How’ and learnt the ‘Why.’”

Lachlan says the course has allowed him to develop a more sophisticated understanding of construction, helping him advance more quickly in his work.

“It’s allowed me to converse with people at their level, not just in the language of apprentices. I can now use industry terminology and hold an intellectual conversation with a superior. A lot of the time, apprentices get given verbal instructions and follow them. But the Certificate IV course theory is largely based around plans, and being able to understand and interpret a plan correctly.

“A broader understanding of plans allows you to take a step up and instead of waiting to receive instructions, you can complete work without having to involve other people. It’s sped up my development in my two years in the trade so far, and made me so much more independent.”

Building and Construction

Working towards builder registration

Lachlan says the Builder Registration Mentoring Program, which he has been able to access as part of his course, has further added value to his experience.

“I know I can always contact (my mentor) for one-on-one talks, which is one hundred per cent helpful. Most of us in my course are there to get our builder registration, so being able to talk to someone in a relaxed way about what’s required and what’s not is definitely helpful.”

For anyone thinking of undertaking a course with BAA, Lachlan has decisive advice.

“Do it and do it early. And do it at the same time as your apprenticeship – it makes everything else easier.

“The Certificate IV has a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the questions raised during a Certificate III, and is going to consolidate all of the knowledge you’ve gained.”

Thanks for chatting with us, Lachlan! We loved seeing your enthusiasm for professional development and we’re excited to see where your career in carpentry takes you.

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