Meet Kerry-anne – National Tiles, Large Employer of the Year


The Large Employer of the Year Award recognises a large organisation that has achieved excellence in nationally recognised training to its employees.

We met with National Tiles’s General Manager, Kerry-anne, to chat about the benefits of training builders with BAA.

National Tiles is a leader in wall and floor tiles, and hard surface flooring. The company provided the opportunity for its employees to study and upskill at Builders Academy Australia, knowing that they would learn from the best.

What are the benefits of training for tradies?

Learning from experience with proper training is vital and Kerry-anne knows just how it can have a positive impact on teams, customers, and a company’s growth. Practical training provides employees with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out their role to the highest standard.

So, what advice has Kerry-anne got for other building and construction organisations wanting to develop their leaders? “To create a great structure for your people to be able to do professional development.”

If you want your business to grow, then you need to invest in your people.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Training helps people identify their personal strengths and weaknesses. This information is useful when it comes to filling in the gaps for individuals. From an employees point of view, professional development gives them the chance to improve their confidence and broaden their skill set. This means they can become better at their trade, meet goals, and more importantly advance in the career they love.

Update knowledge

Through training, it ensures that your employees skills and knowledge stay appropriate and up to date which allows them to be more aware of the changing trends in the building and construction industry. In addition, it also allows your staff to learn from others in the training. As other professionals share their experiences, your staff can take note of new ideas and points of view.

Build trust

“Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise.” Each time you fulfil your commitment, big or small, you build trust. And if you go above and beyond for your workers, you make an even stronger impression.

Hear more from Kerry-anne as she shares how important it is to invest in training and what she loves about Builders Academy Australia.

Meet Kerry-anne

Hi I’m Kerry-anne Konstantinou, I’m General Manager of people and culture in National Tiles.

Why is training staff so important to National Tiles?

Well, I think in line with our core values, the team and customer are number one. So if we’re not investing in our team, then we can’t deliver exceptional service to our customers.

What did you and staff find most beneficial about the training?

Nationally recognised training to me is vital. The earn and learn concept is just a great opportunity for every employer, and for people who want to skill up professionally inside businesses.

You would recommend Builders Academy Australia because…

I recommend Builders Academy because of the flexibility. Their structure, their flexibility, the trainers and facilitators and the content. What I love is that they’re industry representatives for us.

What advice have you got for other organisations wanting to develop their leaders?

Create a great structure for your people to be able to do professional development. Many years ago, I learned that if you don’t train your people and they stay, you won’t have a business that’s able to grow. So invest in training so that you can grow, this is so important.

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