Meet Andrejs – Cert III Carpentry


Andrejs played AFL for ten years then realised his love for carpentry. He just finished his Certificate III at BAA, and now owns a construction business. The hard work he put in and the support from his trainer George inspired him to succeed in his goal.

My name is Andrejs Everett and I just completed Cert III in Carpentry. I started when I was 27 so, I had a bit of an interesting career before that I played AFL for 10 years so yeah, a little bit different it was good but trust me I really enjoy what I’m doing now. 

It was actually my partner that time, she sort of said “You enjoy building, why don’t you try trade?.” I tried a couple of different ones, plumbing and electrical, but I actually really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and building with timber. So, I went through a couple of different avenues and found, a good boss in walrus constructions and really enjoyed it. BAA took me onboard when George, my trainer, took over. He sort of got me over to BAA which was really good and since then, helped me through it a lot. 

Well my name is George and I’m the senior trainer at BAA for Cert III Carpentry. I think Andrejs has grown a lot. I think he knew exactly what he wanted to do, he had a game plan when we first started and where he wanted to be. I think he’s accomplished that. I’d like to think that I helped him along the way there with getting to that stage, but for me it’s fantastic, you know, to see someone that’s actually passionate about and put in that hard work being able to commit to doing an apprenticeship. I think that’s pretty good. 

I think you know you’re there to mentor them, I think you’re there to give them a hand and I think with every apprentice it’s different, they’re not all going to have the same needs and you need to adapt to that. You need to know them on, who they are and where their strengths lies and where they don’t. For instance and you need to be able to offer that assistance. 

With Builders Academy, I think they’re pretty well renowned. I would definitely recommend them to anyone for that side of things because there is obviously other schools and other students that don’t get that learning and for me, if I went do a different school and I think the one that I previously was at, if I finished off with them I wouldn’t be as confident in what I am now. 

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