Meet Ayad Yousif – Certificate IV and Diploma in Building and Construction


Here at Builders Academy Australia, we are inspired every day. We’re inspired by our dedicated students giving their time to create a better future. We’re inspired by our past students who continue to do great work within the industry. Few people though, inspire us as much as Ayad. Not only has Ayad completed Certificate IV and Diploma in Building and Construction (Building) he has continued to try and create a better for his family and himself both within and outside the workplace.

diploma in building and construction


Qualified as a Civil Engineer in Iraq, Ayad fled the country for security reasons a few years ago. Despite the tremendous hardships that he faced, he continued to seek to better himself. Furthermore, he sought to create a new life for his family while living as a refugee.

Ayad gained extensive work experience as a project engineer in Jordan for almost 6 years before moving over to Australia.

“I came to Australia in December 2016. I’d had my bachelors since 2007 and previously have worked with the US army.”

Despite his qualifications and past employment, Ayad knew that he was going to have to continue to learn and challenge himself in order to achieve his goals.

“My main motivation was as an immigrant with limited understanding of the Australian building standards and codes; I wanted to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to work towards being a site supervisor.”

diploma in building and construction

Contact with BAA and moving forward

As an immigrant to the country with no knowledge of Australian building standards and codes, Ayad had his doubts about his career. However, after a chat to Builders Academy Australia, Ayad’s career goals began to take shape.

“They really went above and beyond to ensure that the course was the right fit for me. BAA developed an Individual Learning Plan for me where they advised that the trainer would provide extra support to help me through the qualification. It was a personalised experience that gave me the confidence to begin the Cert IV.”

certificate iv in building and construction

Studying Certificate IV and Diploma in Building and Construction (Building)

With a firm goal to become a site supervisor in Australia, Ayad proved to everyone that if you put your mind to a goal and work hard, anything is possible.

“I was determined to gain the skills and knowledge to manage domestic building projects and the supportive team at BAA supported me through the Cert IV.  I had such a positive journey, that I also decided to complete the Diploma.”

“These two courses I’ve done have made a difference. They’ve really made a difference for me.”

Ayad found that studying his building and construction certificates with Builders Academy Australia helped with more than just learning the Australian building standards and codes; “It’s opened new doors and has increased my knowledge – thus increasing my confidence both socially and on the worksite.”

“The support has filled the gap that I was afraid I would not be able to navigate through when I first moved here.”

With an incredible work ethic and a little bit of direction from Builders Academy Australia, Ayad has gone on to achieve amazing things.

“With both qualifications and newfound confidence, I successfully applied for site supervisor role with Mirvac. I have been working with Mirvac now since 2017 and am loving it!”

We were so glad to have had you as a student and we’re even more glad to have you and your family as Australians. Keep up the inspiring work Ayad.

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