Meet Adam – Cert IV in Building & Construction


Adam is a Certificate III and IV graduate at BAA. Now, he’s running his own construction business.

In this interview, he shares to us how he went from apprentice to employer and how he motivates his apprentices to do the same.

Hi I’m Adam. We’re here in Tarneit. It’s the latest frame I’ve just done, our 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. I studied my Cert III and IV at Builders Academy and this is where they’ve got me today.

I chose to work in the construction industry because from a young age I’ve always been hands on and that’s something I’ve always been interested in doing. Started in another trade school and they shut down and then moved on to Builders Academy and they just picked me up from where I left off and got me to the end. No issues. So I started my Cert III and IV there. Got through it real easy and so I had to send all my employees there and hopefully they’ll do the same.

My main motivation to study was obviously, eventually I want to be a builder and run my own big building company and have even more employees and just be successful.

Balancing work, life, and study can be tough sometimes especially when we do the big days on site but I’ve always managed to find the time during the week. Only a couple of hours here and there and it’s usually enough to get it all done.

I found online studying pretty good because I was able to do it at the comfort of my own home, kind of sit on the couch, have a beer and just go through the Zoom classes and do the work in front of the teachers as well which made it easy. I’ve currently got five of our apprentices all at BAA. Juggling our five apprentices can be tough at times, they’re all pests- but no they’re good. It can be easy when they listen. We have a wage subsidy. So they pay 50% of the wages for the apprentices. Now that couldn’t have helped me anymore than it did because I obviously going out on my own, I’ve only got so much money and they really helped me out for the money I got back from them.

What I enjoy the most about running my own business is just the freedom of doing my own thing and even just teaching. I enjoy teaching the boys. It’s fun to watch them learn and get better.

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