Meet Nicholas Grylls — Certificate IV In Building And Construction


Nicholas Grylls had only been living in Melbourne for two weeks when he realised the time was now or never to study a Certificate IV in Building and Construction.

He had moved to the city from Bendigo, Victoria to start a new job and was working closely with his supervisor, Ezekiel Go. Nick saw how advanced Ezei’s knowledge was and immediately wanted to address the gaps in his own knowledge.

“Being a similar age (to my supervisor) made me think, ‘Where can I get this? What can I do now to help me in the future?’”

Ezei had already completed both his Diploma and his Certificate IV with Builders Academy Australia, and had positive things to say about the experience.

“He inspired me to get straight into it and just do it. With BAA being so friendly and relatable, it’s been such an easy experience.”

certificate iv in building and construction

From regional Victoria to city centre

Nick says he always wanted to be a builder, and doing an apprenticeship reignited his passion for it.

“I love the industry. I made the move from Bendigo down here to Melbourne for the job opportunities to progress my career, try and fast-track that.”

For Nick, the move to Melbourne has been both enlightening and a bit stressful.

“(Living here) definitely has its ups and downs.”

One of the upsides, he says, is exploring new approaches to design and building.

“Back in Bendigo, working with the same people, I was probably only seeing a few different ways to do certain jobs, whereas down here there’s just so many more ideas getting thrown around.

“I started in a job in South Melbourne, for an architect. And the ideas he had for his house were just so different from everything I’ve worked on in the past. He had crazy ideas and was willing to try it so we weren’t limited to anything. That’s probably been the most enjoyable thing about this.”

Nick is currently working as lead carpenter and acting supervisor with residential building group Riverview Building Solutions – a job he was offered before he even met owner, Greg Jones, in person.

“I was looking for work in Geelong originally. Talking to friends in Bendigo, one just so happened to know Greg. He spoke very highly of me, and then Greg heard what I was doing with the company I was working for and said that that was what he was looking for.

“I was actually on a holiday when I got a call, down at the beach and it was Greg offering me a job. I was lucky enough to walk straight into the position.”

Did you just say you got offered a job while you were on holiday at the beach? At BAA we think that’s a pretty awesome way to be offered a job!

building and construction

Learning the business side of construction

For Nick, the Certificate IV has allowed him to understand what he calls, “The business side of construction,” and how his work fits in to the overall operation.

“As a carpenter and working for an employer I don’t know a great deal what happens behind the scenes in the office, and taking on jobs. So learning all of that, seeing what actually happens, has been a massive eye-opener and probably helped me a lot.

“I look at it completely different to how I would in the past. I go to work and now I’m looking at how I can make it better, rather than just doing the job at hand.”

Of studying with his trainer, Bosko Saric, Nick says he’s unlike any other teacher he’s had before.

“He’s someone you can relate to, being from the industry. He makes it more enjoyable to go to class, for sure. As well as teaching with all his years of experience.”

Nick, the Melbourne construction industry is lucky to have you and we can’t wait to see the innovative projects you take on!


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