What Makes a Good Carpenter? Top Skills to Master in Carpentry


Think you could make a good carpenter? We’ve created a list of the top skills you need to master carpentry.

Whether you already have these skills or need to develop them through carpentry courses, you could be on your way to becoming a master carpenter in no time.

1. You’re good at working with your hands

If you were the kid who loved to build things out of cardboard egg cartons on rainy days, then you might just be a master carpenter in the making.

The number one skill that you need as a master carpenter is the ability to work with your hands.

You will need to handle timber and other building materials on a daily basis while also working with hand tools, power tools, and other heavy equipment.

You’ll know when you’ve reached master carpenter status when your hands are tough with calluses!

2. You have attention to detail

If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘measure twice and cut once’ then you can imagine just how important attention to detail is to mastering carpentry.

You will need to work from drawings, designs and specifications to ensure the structures you are building are safe and stable.

You’ll need the attention to detail to follow these precisely because imperfect measurements and ragged edges won’t make the cut in the carpentry business.

Skills to Master in Carpentry

3. You’re all about teamwork

Unless we’re talking about joiners working in boutique little workshops, master carpenters nearly always work with a team.

If you’re working on building a house you’ll be working with other carpenters and tradies like plumbers, electricians, builders and site supervisors.

Good communication skills will also serve you well if you want to start your own carpentry business or move up to a supervisor role later in your career.

4. You’re fit and healthy

You don’t have to be bulging with muscles or be the next olympic gold medallist to become a carpenter, but physical fitness will definitely be important.

You need to be fit enough to work on your feet for most of the day, to move around your job site and climb ladders.

A good carpenter looks after their physical fitness by doing regular exercise outside of work and nourishing the body with nutritious food at lunch time.

5. You can read and write

The good news about becoming a master carpenter is that you’ve left the world of boring books and desks behind… for the most part anyway.

To become a carpenter you’ll need to have basic literacy and numeracy skills, in other words, you’ll need to be able to read and write.

You’ll need to be able to read drawings and specifications for the structures you’re building. If you’ve completed and passed year 10 at school then your literacy and numeracy are enough for you to master carpentry.

How to master carpentry

If you’re interested in how to learn basic carpentry skills, there are plenty of DIY videos out there on the internet.

But becoming a master carpenter takes years of dedication and formal training in the trade. Here’s how to become a master carpenter in Australia.

Do carpentry courses

To work in carpentry in Australia, you need to be qualified with a CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry.

The Certificate 3 in Carpentry proves to employers and customers that you are a master carpenter and that you can meet the highest standard of carpentry work as is required in Australia.

Aside from training you up in how to work with wood and other materials,  this certificate also teaches you a good grounding in other aspects of building so you have the option of pursuing other trades or getting off the tools eventually for higher paying jobs.

Our Cert 3 in Carpentry is one of the best carpentry courses out there as our students train with master carpenters who’ve been in the business for decades.

Our course is nationally accredited so that you can work in carpentry anywhere in Australia.

Skills to Master in Carpentry

Get experience

Just like any trade, carpentry is learnt through doing, which is why you have to do a carpentry apprenticeship alongside your Certificate 3 in Carpentry.

When you do your certificate 3 in carpentry with us,  we’ll hook you up with a carpentry apprenticeship in Melbourne or regional Victoria.

In your apprenticeship you work under a master carpenter, learning the trade with them as you put your lessons into practice.


Thinking about doing a CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry? Find out if you’re eligible by giving us a call on 1300 LEGEND or requesting a call back today.