6 Tips for Young Women Considering a Career in Construction


What’s it like for women in construction?

While jobs like teaching and nursing are filled mostly by women, the construction industry is another story.

With women making up only 2% of workers in construction, women still face too many barriers to getting jobs in the building business. 

But the good news is that there is a growing awareness of the need to remove these barriers and make construction a more inclusive place. 

The Victorian Government has a plan in place to support jobs for women in construction and educate building businesses and employers on the benefits of hiring women. 

If you’re a young woman thinking about a career in construction, here are some tips to light your way.

Tip #1 Get inspired

While a small percentage of workers in the construction industry are women, you can still find many examples to look towards.

A lot of businesses are striving to make their women workers more visible to show their support for women tradies and construction professionals. 

At Builders Academy Australia, we regularly like to show off our women students and industry partners.

Get inspiration from women’s stories at our blog like how Kerry-Anne from National Tiles won the large employer of the year award, Kirsty’s experience as a Construction Manager at Simonds Homes or Tammy’s experience doing her Certificate III in Carpentry

Simply browse our blog and read it regularly to find inspiring stories from more women in construction.

Tip #2 Connect with other women

Even though you’d be a minority in the construction industry working alongside mostly men, there are great resources to support you.

Connect with other women in construction in Australia by reaching out to one of the many associations and not-for-profit organisations.

Trades Women Australia works to recruit and retain more women in trade careers through school programming and employment consulting.

Top 100 Women gives women entering the construction industry the support they need to build long and meaningful careers by connecting them with the broader construction sector.

The National Association of Women in Construction empowers women in construction by hosting events so you can meet each other.

They also do advocacy by helping to change policy and educate employers to remove barriers for women.

Another great way to connect with other women is by checking out Women Building Australia.

This group offers mentorship programs and lists job opportunities for women in construction in Australia.

Tip #3 Choose an inclusive building school

At Builders Academy Australia, we understand the benefits of having people from all walks of life contributing to the construction industry.

That’s why we make an effort to support diverse people to get their dream career in construction.

As a woman doing one of our certificates, diplomas or apprenticeships, you’ll feel safe and supported in our diverse and inclusive community.

Tip #5 Build your confidence

Here’s a bit of advice—not just for women—but for anyone considering a career in construction.

While it’s possible to get jobs in the building industry  without formal qualification, it  can be hard to do so. 

But getting qualifications like certificates and diplomas help you get jobs.

Aside from looking great on your resume and making you stand out from other job applicants, building and construction courses  increase your confidence.

Employers will instantly recognise your skills, training and experience and be more likely to choose you for their roles.

While it’s possible to get jobs in the building industry  without formal qualification, it  can be hard to do so. 

Tip #6 Know your rights

If you’re a woman who’s looking to get a career in construction, you could find yourself facing barriers.

This might include being overlooked for jobs based on your gender or experiencing inappropriate behaviour towards you from other workers.

Remember that the laws in Australia protect you against this kind of discrimination  and you can find support.

There’s also great information at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Download their accessible PDF factsheets on Sex Discrimination and refer to it whenever you need too. 

Construction jobs for women

Construction is a male dominated industry in Australia, but that doesn’t mean that women aren’t wanted.

As employers and businesses become more educated about the benefits of diversity in their ranks, more are seeking women workers.

So if you’re a young woman looking to work in construction, there’s never been a better time to follow your dreams.

Thanks to new government policy and all the resources out there, you can feel supported as you embark on your career.

The building school you choose can also make a difference, so be sure to do your training at an inclusive school like Builders Academy Australia.

Thinking of doing one of our building and construction courses? Chat to a course advisor about your options on 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) or request a callback today.