Hire an apprentice and be involved in creating builders of the future


Each year more than 42,731 homes are built in Victoria, and by 2050, this number will still be increasing. To facilitate this growth, we need qualified carpenters who are skilled to manage the increased need for domestic residential housing.

Building future residential cities and regions is more than creating houses.  In an age of increasing demand for housing and more than half the world’s population living in cities, getting ready for tomorrow’s building landscape means thinking about the bigger picture. Builders Academy Australia (BAA) prepares aspiring carpenters to make a profound impact on the building and construction environment for the next generations. Our accredited Carpentry program connects you with industry mentors to gain professional skills to construct and repair quality domestic building frameworks and structures.

You can read more about BAA’s Carpentry Apprenticeship programs here.

Hiring an apprentice is a cost-effective way of growing your team and arming them with the skills to help your business thrive – train them your way and ensure your business specific needs are met while increasing your business’s efficiency and productivity.

BAA will help you with the whole process from hiring a suitable apprentice to suit your requirements, to accessing the wage assistance and federal funding to subsidise the cost of training (available to eligible Australian employers).

We work in partnership with Apprenticeship Centres and Group Training Organisations (GTO’s) to make this process as simple and easy for you as possible. GTO’s help facilitate structured workplace learning and apprenticeship placements for our students and provide guidance, mediation, mentoring, support and industry relations support, so you are in contact with the right people, to give you the right support, right from the word go.

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