Successful Career Progression in Plumbing


The plumbing industry can suffer from the assumption that a day on the job is all about unblocking trains and clogged toilets.

On the contrary, today’s plumbers know that these jobs make up a tiny proportion of the work they do and the skills they offer.

In fact, there are countless other jobs for plumbers extending to a wide range of industries. It’s a thriving trade that offers different and rewarding work every day and will do so for years to come.

A Growing Industry

Plumbing has experienced substantial growth over the past decade, alongside many other construction trades.

Taking advantage of advances in technology, and with high-tech tools now part of daily life, plumbers now have greater means to specialise than ever before.

Access to convenient building courses online also means that tradies can upskill and accelerate their career in their own time.

The perception of plumbing as a home-repair trade is outdated. In truth, the past few years have seen it grow across new-build construction in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

With demand for plumbers currently outstripping supply, to meet market needs Australia will require 20% more workers every single year.

There are over 230,000 people in the building and construction industry in Victoria alone, with 6% growth over the past five years.

This means that there is more potential to move into management positions than ever before. As the second largest employer within the building and construction industry, there is also a greater need to mentor and manage those new to the field.

Because of the huge rate of growth, there’s never been a better time to upskill with a building and construction course.

By getting trained up now, you’ll be ready to make the most of future infrastructure projects and large-scale building projects.

Taking on a Plumber Career Change

Regardless of where you are in your career, plumbing career pathways hold more potential than you might initially think.

If you’re looking to catapult your career change, then taking on this training while studying building courses online can help you to cut short the long training period, and come out the other side with better qualifications that will open up more doors.

Here are just a few of the career directions you could take:

  • Drain-layer
  • Heating and Ventilation Plumber
  • Irrigation Installer
  • Roofing Plumber
  • Sprinkler Fitter
  • Water Plumber

Climbing the Career Ladder

While plumbing may be far from the corporate world, there is still a career ladder to climb.

After finishing your apprenticeship, the learning doesn’t stop.

You might look to expand your skill set more broadly, or specialise in a certain area of residential or commercial plumbing—like waterproofing or gas-fitting.

There are so many other jobs for plumbers on offer that aren’t constrained to fixing and fitting pipes. Perhaps you have your sights set on moving from residential work to large-scale projects, such as water treatment or irrigation systems.

The median plumber’s salary starts at $53,872, but can rise to $68,933 as a Lead Plumber or even $74,032 as a Master Plumber.

Depending on your experience and employment type—employee, contractor or otherwise—you could be earning a lot more.

With new developments being signed off every day, there may be room for you on the next big project in your city.

Further Training & Development

If you plan on securing a managerial role, or starting your own plumbing business, then you will likely need to undergo further study.

Flexible learning pathways like building and construction courses online can enable you to earn while you learn.

With plumbers earning some of the highest salaries in the entire construction industry, it’s important to think of your studies as an investment in your future career.

If education costs are a barrier for you, then it may be worth investigating any government funding, subsidies or loans options in your state or territory.

You may also consider joining your union to network and receive advice from those who have been in the business for most of their lives.

They’ll also be able to steer you towards reliable employers and specialisations that are becoming more in-demand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out on your plumbing career pathway as a high school leaver, or whether you’re looking at making the plumber career change mid-way through your life.

Building and construction courses are valuable assets that will expose you to greater opportunities, not to mention build your skills and make you a more well-rounded professional.

Start your research into convenient building courses online well in advance, and start planning your next move up the career ladder.