How to Distinguish Which Building and Construction Course Is Best Suited to You?


Did you know that the average salary for professionals working in the building and construction industry is $92,000? It’s a very attractive figure, and perhaps that’s why so many young apprentices have their sights set on further study to better their chances of career success.

But there are more factors to consider than just income when starting one of the many building and construction courses on offer in Australia. Studies like a Diploma of Building and Construction can be the right move for a number of reasons—like learning new skills, starting your own business, or getting to where you want to be sooner.

So, how do you go about finding the course that will best suit your career goals? What are the differences between building and construction courses? Perhaps you’re wondering, “What is CERT 4 building and construction?” or “How do I get a builders licence in Victoria?”

Here, we’ll run through some of the most popular building and construction courses, and you can work out which might be best for you.

Build On Apprenticeship Learning Through a Certificate IV in Building and Construction Online

If you’ve finished your apprenticeship and are looking for the next step, then you’ll likely come across a Certificate IV in Building and Construction online. This is the ideal course that will use what you’ve already learned on the job and begin teaching you what you might need to know to progress further.

You’ll learn how to plan, coordinate and build a small to medium-sized home from scratch. So, you can see how completing a Certificate IV in Building and Construction online lays the foundations for a solid career as a builder or construction manager.

Work Towards Your Own Business With a Diploma of Building and Construction

Ready to tackle bigger challenges? A Diploma of Building and Construction will teach you everything you need to know to go from apprentice to fully qualified business owner. Here, you’ll be looking at all the factors that go into larger builds, up to three stories.

With two streams to accommodate those with over or under five years’ experience, this course is one that’s for those in the middle of their careers wanting to upskill. Courses are held either two evenings per week in person, or you can study through Building Academy Australia’s virtual classroom setting.

In a Diploma of Building and Construction, you’ll learn the skills that you haven’t learnt in previous building and construction courses, like tendering, structural principles, site supervision and hiring of contracts. These are the higher level skills that many graduates choose to use to establish and run their own business or to enter into the commercial building industry.

Fast-Track Your Career Through The Building Leadership Program

This course is perfect for those with their sights set on a professional building career, including roles like a site supervisor, construction manager or lead foreman. It prepares you with the academic and hands-on knowledge that you’ll need to enter into and excel at your university course.

Rather than go through the motions of becoming an apprentice and working your way up, this course will have you graduate with both a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and a Diploma of Building (Building).

Delivered through a combination of face-to-face and self-directed online study, it’s everything you need to hit the ground running and dive into your career in construction.

Find Your Fit at Builders Academy Australia

From the courses above, you may be able to select the course that is most appropriate to your skill level and career stage. But it’s also worthwhile remembering that there are far more practical things to consider when applying for further study.

Can you fit it around your work and lifestyle? Is there an institution near you, or can you do it online? Are there payment options to support you if you can’t afford fees upfront?

Builders Academy Australia offers the Certificate IV in Building and Construction online, as well as many others, and payment plans are available to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to study what they want, now. What’s more, you can choose to complete the course in a timeframe that suits you and your existing commitments, so you don’t have to sacrifice work for study.

Find out more about how you can find your right fit at Builders Academy Australia.

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