Chippy TV Ep.2: How to Upskill in Construction with Builders Academy



Dimos Zarmakoupis:

Hi my name is Dimos, I am 30 years old and I currently work for Simonds home as a permits officer in the Springvale office.

What made me get in here in the first place was my old man. He was on-site all the time, a concreter, he needed help and I needed money and so I started helping the old man doing concreting.

Why did you study the Certificate IV?

The Cert IV was you know, something that was offered by Simonds Homes to complete through Builders Academy and you know, it was to help me gain the necessary knowledge I need in the building and construction industry. I wanted to really do it and to help me gain the knowledge that I need to further my career and advancement. During the course I learned all the necessary regulations, legislation, business side of things, OHS and pretty much everything about every single material, the Australian standards, the building codes and just covered you know, all the different aspects involved in the industry.

How were the trainers?

My trainer Adam was a great guy, he helped me a lot. You know, gain the necessary knowledge I need in the industry by delivering course content with the background knowledge that he had.

Why did you choose to study construction online?

I chose to study them online just because I want to spend more time with family. I spent you know, two night per week doing the course from 6:00 to 9:30 PM. Really helped me learn the necessary knowledge with my trainer Adam.

What next?

When I finish my diploma, you know, my main goal is to attain my registration in the domestic builder. Eventually, if I do it, manage to attain my registration as a DBU I’d like to start my own business and go from there.

Also I’d recommend the Cert IV and Diploma to someone starting their own business. It really helped me gain the knowledge I need in the industry and definitely helped anyone else who wants to attain their registration as a domestic builder. Always see myself getting big returns in the future. I mean, you have to make sacrifices now while you’re still young.

You know, further advance yourself as you get older.