Meet Tyrone: Director of T.Konstructions and Certificate IV student with BAA


Name: Tyrone Kane

Job Title: Director and Carpenter at T.Konstructions

Tyrone has over 15 years experience as a carpenter, he started as an apprentice straight out of high school, and launched his own business about five years ago.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

While being a business owner can be stressful, he prefers it a lot more than working for someone else. “The money is a lot better. Plus, when you’re stressed, it’s a lot easier to take a day off. Running your own business can be a lot more relaxing in that sense. Rather than having to tell someone you want next Friday off because you’re going away, you just take it. I also find the work very versatile, and on sunny days like today I really enjoy that I get to work outdoors.”

Studying with BAA

Tyrone chose to study the Certificate IV in Building and Construction with Builders Academy Australia because of the course price and flexibility.

“BAA is reasonably priced, and their course options are just what I wanted. When I rang them up, I was told I could start the following month, which was good.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction

He studies the Certificate IV in Building and Construction at our Head Office on St Kilda Road, two nights a week. “It’s nice and big. Big open room, everyone fits in with no worries, and there is free tea and coffee. Plus, I’ve made a few friends, and the teacher is pretty good. He’s been a bit of fun.”

“I’m learning more than just what needs to be done to build a house. When you’re on the tools as a carpenter you don’t always learn those extras. I like the module we’re doing at the moment. It’s about how to run your business, set up a business plan and manage the books. With Builders Academy I’m actually learning new things that help my business run smoother.”

certificate IV in building and construction online

On the Job

The project Tyrone and his team are currently working on has them installing weatherboards and flooring for a house and building a deck out the front of the property. They will make about $5,000 off the piece of work and have it all wrapped up within a week.

He has three staff working for T.Konstructions at the moment, and is looking to hire more. “I’m looking to put more guys in the team. So, I put an ad up last night looking for more carpenters, and first year apprentices. I like to train them from scratch, I want them to learn our way of doing things, rather than coming from somewhere else. That way everything flows as the work picks up.”

Certificate IV in Building and Construction course

“A good apprentice is someone that works hard and wants to come to work. Someone that doesn’t take lots of sick days or drag their feet. I usually look for someone that’s motivated, and that’s always looking for something to do. Someone that just picks up a broom or a hammer, and just starts putting things together.”

Looking Forward

When Tyrone graduates in January, he plans to sit down with BAA’s Licensing Specialist and take advantage of the free Builders Registration Mentoring Program to help prepare for his builders’ registration. Having his DBU will be a massive benefit for his business.

diploma of building and construction

“My advice to anyone wanting to study with BAA is to just do it. You might as well, because its government funded at the moment. And it’s really enjoyable.”

Legend. Thanks, Tyrone!

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