Each year more than 42,731 homes are built in Victoria, and by 2050, this number will still be increasing. To facilitate this growth, we need qualified carpenters who are skilled to manage the increased need for domestic residential housing.

Building future residential cities and regions is more than creating houses.  In an age of increasing demand for housing and more than half the world’s population living in cities, getting ready for tomorrow’s building landscape means thinking about the bigger picture. Builders Academy Australia (BAA) prepares aspiring carpenters to make a profound impact on the building and construction environment for the next generations. Our accredited Carpentry apprenticeship program connects you with industry mentors to gain professional skills to construct and repair quality domestic building frameworks and structures.

Find out how much more you could be earning as a qualified carpenter through BAA.



Building apprenticeships with Builders Academy Australia

Careers in the building and construction industry are booming. The Victorian building sector has experienced increased activity largely due to record-low interest rates and strong population growth. The need for qualified carpenters is great.

Qualified carpenters will be needed in Australia’s growing residential building sector as Victoria’s population will almost double within 35 years.  An extra 2.2 million dwellings will be necessary to house the state’s population by 2051. This means Victoria will require almost 55,000 new dwellings per year over the next 35.  BAA ensures that our carpentry students graduate with an industry-respected nationally recognised qualification in an industry with strong employment rates and excellent job prospects.

BAA has intakes for both Certificate II in Construction Pathways (CPC20220) and CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry. To find out when our next intakes are, get in touch with our team here or give them a call on 1300 53 43 63.


Builders Academy's employer networks through the Simonds Group and other industry partners

As a leading provider of vocational education and training in Australia, Builders Academy offers apprenticeships in Melbourne that provide students with the practical skills and knowledge required to succeed in a career in carpentry. The apprenticeships offered by BAA will give apprentices the opportunity to gain practical experience in a range of building and construction tasks, including safety procedures, construction techniques and technology, and project and site management. BAA’s building apprenticeship jobs are recognised by relevant industry bodies and meet the standards required by employers in the industry.

Based on the principle of “builders training builders”, BAA has been a high-quality vocational education and training provider since its registration in 2005.  We draw on our deep connections to Simonds Homes (one of Australia’s largest and oldest residential home builders) and with this close industry link, we provide the highest quality curriculum and training services to meet real industry needs.

We are proud to be connected to a strong community of industry partners.  At BAA, you will learn from industry leaders who are qualified and experienced in creating qualified carpenters who will build the spaces in which we live.

BAA is renowned for successful student outcomes, strong links with industry, and innovative approaches to learning. BAA works closely with the industry to develop programs and initiatives that respond to a rapidly changing workforce to address current and future skill shortages.

Find out how much more you could be earning as a qualified carpenter through BAA.



Builders Academy works with Simonds Group to provide carpentry apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are a valuable pathway for individuals looking to enter the industry. Builders Academy offers comprehensive carpentry programs in Melbourne that will equip apprentices with the skills required to succeed in carpentry work.

Through its strong employer networks through the Simonds Group and other industry partners, BAA will work with students to place them with an appropriate employer.  This is a very unique offering and is available through BAA because of our strong connections to the industry.

BAA run information days where aspiring students are provided with an introduction into the building and construction industry, the Simonds Group and BAA.  These information days provide aspiring students with valuable information on what is required to become a successful apprentice carpenter.  All students sit an aptitude test and are taken through the recruitment process.  If you would like to know when our next information day is, click here to get in touch with the team.

In addition to building and construction employers, Builders Academy works in partnership with Apprenticeship Centres and Group Training Organisations (GTO’s).

GTO’s help facilitate structured workplace learning and apprenticeship placements for our students and provide guidance, mediation, mentoring, support and industry relations support, so you are in contact with the right people, to give you the right support, right from the word go.

Want to know more or ready to register? Get in touch with our team here or give them a call on 1300 53 43 63

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Find out how much more you could be earning as a qualified carpenter through BAA.

This article has been updated and republished on 5th May 2023.