Meet Tim Hogben: A Journey from Carpenter to Registered Builder with BAA


Hey there, fellow construction champs! Get ready to wrap your ears around Tim Hogben’s epic journey with BAA, and take your tradie dreams to new heights. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into Tim’s world, showing you how BAA’s Diploma course not only cranked up his skills and confidence but also paved his path from a carpenter to a proud registered builder.

Choosing BAA

Tim chose BAA for one simple reason. 

“I’ve chose to study at BAA because I heard their rapport was fantastic, the after service was also fantastic so I highly recommend them”

Tim aced both the Certificate IV and Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) with BAA. The Diploma of Building and Construction at BAA was a game-changer for Tim. 

“I believe it’s very important to complete your Diploma as it will help expand your knowledge for one, boost your confidence and prepare you to sit the down in front of VBA exam and obtain your builders license”

Preparing for VBA and Beyond: Gaining Confidence

As he progressed through the course, he gained the skills and knowledge needed to not only excel in his current role but also to confidently step into the realm of registered builders.

“Studying with BAA really helped meto become a registered builder because they touch base on the majority, if not all, of the things that you needed to learn in sitting the exam. Most of their trainers have already been down the path that I was trying to go down and they seemed to know exactly what was going to be put forward when sitting the VBA exam”

Throughout Tim’s journey, BAA proved to be more than just an educational institution. With a dedicated team of experts and mentors, BAA provided unwavering support during and after his studies. Tim found a community that cared about his growth and success, offering insights and guidance to navigate the challenges of the construction world.

Ready to Build Your Future? Here’s Your Blueprint:

Tim’s journey is a glimpse of what’s possible with BAA’s Diploma program. If you’re dreaming of becoming a registered builder, ramping up your skills, or climbing the construction ladder, we’re here to make it happen. When you join hands with BAA, you’ll:

  • Boost your confidence and skills, just like Tim did.
  • Embark on a learning adventure packed with real-world insights and juicy industry know-how.
  • Ride the wave of success with an RTO that’s all about your growth.

Tim Hogben’s story is just one of the many amazing stories in BAA’s book. Reach out to us today and let’s build your construction future together. Your journey starts now, Legend superstar! 🚀🔨