Benefits of Having Construction Referrals & Positive Word of Mouth


If you are an independent building and construction professional, or have your own building business, then positive word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in your utility belt. Much like any good marketing expert will tell you, customer loyalty and repeat business is infinitely more beneficial than new business. If you can foster a solid positive relationship with a customer, then this will become a dependable source of income for the near conceivable future. If this particular client is so impressed with your work ethic and the quality of your results, then they will also be likely to spread word of your services to their friends and family. So, what are the actual benefits of this and what can you do to encourage positive referrals?

Establish trust with your client base

Arguably one of the most important aspects in any business is projecting an image of trust. Sure, there are half a dozen other guys who can do what you do, maybe even do it better, but the customers ultimate decision comes down to who they can trust. Just because a tradie is good at what they do, doesn’t mean that they won’t be unreliable when it comes to meeting deadlines, rip you off with hidden costs, or create any other number of problems for you and your property. This is why doing everything in your power to demonstrate your integrity and your trustworthiness is invaluable in securing future business.

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What you can do to boost word-of-mouth traffic for your business

If you want to generate more customer leads, then there are a few things you can do to wow your clients and ensure they’re loyal to your business.

  • Customer support: nothing shows dedication more than going above and beyond your client’s expectations. Whether it be offering after sales support, consulting on a future project, or simply educating your customer on certain jobs they can DIY, this type of assistance will leave a lasting impression.
  • Loyalty offers: Not always suitable for every tradie, but if you can offer certain discounts or deals to loyal customers then this is going to motivate them to remain loyal.
  • Friendly and courteous: smiling doesn’t cost you anything and having a friendly conversation with your client will make you appear much more easy going and approachable. It’s these little things that customers remember when they need a tradie in the future.

Putting a little bit of effort in and going the extra mile for your customers is much more affordable than advertising campaigns and will ensure you become the first choice when clients go looking for a reputable tradie.