Why You Need to Consider Building Registration in Victoria


Gone are the days when one can simply march out into an unclaimed slice of land and think, “hm yes, I believe I’ll build a house here.” As liberating and flexible as living out on the frontier might have been, such a do-as-you-please lifestyle simply won’t cut it anymore. With so many regulations, codes of conduct and governing bodies in place to uphold safety and a certain degree of quality, builders must meet certain expectations if they’re to operate freely.

Whilst it isn’t essential to become a registered builder in Victoria to be able to offer your trade, there are numerous advantages that come with doing so.  For one, you won’t be shackled by the looming threat of a penalty should you break any of the conditions set down by the Building Practitioners Board in Victoria. Whilst it might be fun to flirt with danger from time to time, this is most certainly not one of those instances.

Benefits of seeking registration with the Victorian Board

Building without registration is like working with one arm tied behind your back. You’re allowed to do it, but only to a certain degree. Unregistered builders can only perform domestic building projects that don’t exceed $5,000. This includes both labour and materials and failure to adhere to these guidelines can land you in the Magistrates Court facing prosecution. If you are convicted, this could make your building career very complicated in the future and probably leave you facing a career change. Maybe you’d be more suited to face painting at children’s parties, or basket weaving anyway?

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How can I start my own building business?

If you have any intention of making a serious profit as a builder, or one day starting your very own business, building registration is the natural first step. Not only will this allow you to carry out any building work that requires a permit, but it will also grant you the freedom to carry out more than one type of building work on a single project. Unregistered builders are unable to conduct more than one type of work, whether painting or plastering, on jobs costing more than $5,000.

Becoming a registered builder in Victoria requires a certain level of qualifications, knowledge and skills. This is where registered training organisations such as Builders Academy can help those looking to fill their knowledge gaps and qualify.


This article was revised and updated on 5th May 2022.