Meet Reuben – Cert III Carpentry


One of our legends, Reuben, absolutely loved studying his Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220) at Builders Academy Australia. The course allowed him to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that he is now applying to his job.

I’m Reuben Fulton-Grigg. I studied a Cert III in Carpentry at Builders Academy Australia.

What surprised me with Builders Academy was just how super organised they were, especially the supervisor. You can just reach them any time of the day and you really need that. You don’t go in and have one on one time with the teacher. 

So you need your teacher and supervisors to be accessible which they really were and that really help me with my apprenticeship and getting it all done. 

My studies fit in my work life because – just the things that I’ve learned online and through Builders Academy and the stuff that they’ve taught me and the practical assessments that they’ve done in their warehouse – You don’t realise that you’ve learnt it until you’re on site, ‘Hold on, I learned this from Builders Academy. I learned this in the warehouse. I learned this online. I remember the rules and stuff’ so it’s really made my workplace my classroom at the end of the day. 

What I enjoyed most to be at my job is that not one day is the same as the next. Being a carpenter you have such a vast variety of jobs and tasks that you can do. So it’s just the real —- I just love coming to work, not doing the same thing everyday. Like I couldn’t just be slapping plaster on the wall everyday, it’d just be mind numbing and that’s the best thing about carpentry that you can just do such a variety of different things. So, it just always keeps you changing things up. It’s always exciting, it’s always fun.

Someone who’s hesitant about joining BAA, I’ll just say dive into it. You can set how fast you go. So if you’re not up to it, you’re not up to it but you’re not gonna be up there really in life if you can’t do something at your own pace to learn for your future. It’s a great place to learn.

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