Meet Jason – Certificate III Carpentry


We caught up with Apprentice of the Year Nominee, Jason working onsite at the beach in Altona. 

Jason is currently studying CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry at BAA and is absolutely flying through his course.

My name is Jason. I’m doing a course with Builders Academy in Cert III Carpentry.

This job is quite a big one. As you can see, this is the garage for, I would say, 6 cars.  Key things with the course is a lot of work on site following up with my trainer, so he comes in and checks up on my work and also does some practical assessments to say how my progress is going the thing I love about building in constructions is sometimes you score job like this and you get to work on the beach. I, myself, chose to study with BAA because they have a strong reputation in working alongside with their students and keeping the spot to their trainers to teach them what to do. I do find it very rewarding because it’s nice to see something tangible that you’ve accomplished yourself.

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