Meet Offer Bar – Diploma of Building and Construction


Offer Bar is a landscaper who wants to eventually grow a business so that he can provide the best life possible for his family.

“I’ve always tried and always wanted to do more. I always try to reach the limit of what I can do, and I think being here and studying is the best way to do it.”

When Offer looked around and saw his friends grow their businesses by taking on bigger jobs, he knew that it was time for him to become a registered builder. For Offer, this meant going back to study, which he wasn’t excited about.

“I was worried I would be bored, and it would be too heavy, but it’s actually amazing.”

diploma building and construction

The Art of Carpentry

Offer has always had an interest in carpentry, but when he was a young man in Israel, it wasn’t something he thought about as a career.

“I worked in carpentry, but it was more of a hobby – making tables and chairs. I always loved it.”

Instead, Offer studied business because it provided him with better job prospects. As fate would have it, he married an Australian woman and moved to Melbourne, completely changing the path of his career.

“I’m here for seven years now, almost eight. We came here after the honeymoon and we got stuck here. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing. I love everything about Australia.”

“When you come to Australia you see this industry is blooming and respected. That drew me into it.”

Offer thinks that the way the Australian industry is structured makes it better both for workers and business owners.

“I think Australia puts far more attention into safety compared to Israel. You see it on the job site, you see it in school. The process is more professional, I would say.”

“My grandpa, and my grandma’s brother, they lost their fingers on the saw. They were carpenters and I saw firsthand what safety means in carpentry, in Israel. Every few weeks someone falls and dies.”

Of course, the other side to this is that there are more restrictions around what you can and can’t do. For Offer, this means he has to become registered before he can push his business to the next level.

This meant going back to study.

“… some of the reservations I had about coming back to study? There were a lot actually.”

What Study Offers

“I always try to push myself and give 100%.”

Even though he didn’t want to study again, Offer enrolled in a Diploma of Building and Construction at Builders Academy Australia, and it changed the way he thinks about study.

“I studied a lot in my life when I studied business,” he says. “It’s not fun to study usually.”

Even though Offer didn’t want to study, he was prepared to suck it up for his family.

“My family is very important for me,” Offer says. “It obviously boosts my motivations. You think of them and you want them to have an easier life.”

“The support of my wife is crucial,” he says, as is the support of his kids. “They’re proud of you. My daughter comes and wants to build stuff with me. I love it and I love that they’re interested in what I do.”

Becoming a registered builder allows Offer to take on larger and more complicated jobs. This means that he and his wife will be able to provide a better life for their kids as they grow up.

“Once you’re a builder you can charge more and that has a big impact on why I’m here,” but he also adds that it’s about more than just a certificate, saying that, “it’s good to have that knowledge.”

The thing that has surprised Offer the most about studying is how much he has enjoyed it. Now that he is following his dreams and pursuing something he’s interested in, he can enjoy class, and learn better. The unique environment at BAA has helped him change his mindset.

“When you come and study something you love and are passionate about it’s a whole different story.”

diploma building and construction

Why Studying at BAA is a Whole Different Story

“Every class I’m surprised I’m awake, because usually in business classes I was always falling asleep,” Offer says.

Knowledgeable trainers make studying at BAA different. BAA trainers all have experience in the construction industry and understand the challenges of studying and working.

“I love the trainers,” Offer says, pointing out that their focus on the students makes a massive difference. “Even if you have 20 students in your class, you get that personal attention.”

“You can always call them with questions. Even if it’s nothing to do with school. If you’ve got a question on a job site and you want a proper answer that you know is a proper answer, then I will call my trainer and I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer.”

This means that the classrooms are a positive environment, where people in the construction industry can learn and grow together.

“You become friends,” Offer says. He points out that the friendships you make are also good business connections, because you all work in the same industry. “Normally at work, you are always chasing to find a bricky or a chippy. Here, you have them all in one class. I can get a better price using them, and they can get a better price using me.”

Offer thinks about studying in a completely different way now.

“The advice I would give for somebody who’s thinking about getting the course is, just do it. I can’t say it’s easy, it’s challenging.

And thinks that it’s all worth it in the end.

“You’ll find great people in here, great teachers, great students.”

“Just go for it.”

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