Builders on the Big Screen


Everybody loves a builder! We represent the hardworking everyman, the kind of bloke who becomes a hero only when it’s called for, a family man who is honest and… Well, you get it. We’re good guys.

We thought we’d take a minute to honour some of the big screen’s best builder blokes and celebrate just how much our trade has contributed to Hollywood’s storytelling over the years.

Here’s to the chippies!

The Master Builders – LEGO Movie
These guys are the creators of the LEGO universe. Their group is made up of famous characters like Batman and Robin, LEGO favourites like the Artist, the Deep Sea Diver and the Hazmat Guy, plus a few special characters from the LEGO movie (including everyday hero and construction worker Emmet Brickowski). The Master Builders’ arch nemeses are the Micro Managers, who try to stamp out creativity in the LEGO universe – but the MBs are always victorious!

Everyday hero and construction worker Emmet Brickowski
Everyday hero and construction worker Emmet Brickowski

Noah Calhoun – The Notebook
It’s the romantic movie that every bloke secretly enjoys, and Noah Calhoun is the reason why. His girl leaves him to go and marry some rich jerk from the big city so what does Noah do? Fixes up his dream house, transforming it from a derelict heap into a spectacular mansion. Which ends up being the site (geddit?) of his reunion with his dream girl, because everyone knows that ladies love the tradies.
Fix-It Felix, Jr – Wreck It Ralph
OK, so Felix isn’t technically a builder. And he is also not really as cool as Ralph. But, if you’ve seen the movie, let’s face it – he is a technically gifted team player who helps Ralph when he needs it the most and, pretty much, uses his tradie skills to help Ralph save the day. Felix may not seem it at first glance, but he really is a legend (and he’s not afraid to go for a girl a bit out of his league, either!).

Fix-It Felix, Jr
Fix-It Felix, Jr

Ray Kinsella – Field of Dreams
OK, OK, so Ray was a farmer. But let’s face it: anyone who follows a mystical voice that visits him in the night from the cornfield, whispering ‘If you build it, they will come’, is kindof a builder in our books. If you’ve seen the movie, you will know that Ray (played by top bloke Kevin Costner) ends up building a baseball diamond in his town that, eventually, draws crowds in their thousands, revitalising the community. And that’s pretty buildery, really, isn’t it?