“The evening course times suit me. I live in Point Cook so it’s close to home. I do class three hours twice a week.” We caught up with one of our students, electrician Igor Ruleski, who’s currently studying for his CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction.


​Name: Igor Ruleski

Age: 40

Job: Electrician at Elecorp

Training: Completing the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)


​”My name is Igor, I’m forty years old and I’m an electrician.


“I work for a company called Elecorp, on renovations, new builds, a lot of commercial stuff.”

​”I love the job. I love working on site. I enjoy it.”


​”In this job we do our plans prior. We set-up the whole week so we know where we are going and what job we are doing. Most of the time we begin with undergrounds, running power to the house.


“And then we get to this stage of running cables, roughing it in. And then it’s the plaster stage, we do the cut-outs, and then fit-off with all your power points and switches. That’s the last thing we do.”


​”I’m doing a certificate IV at Builders Academy. It’s helpful. We learn a lot of stuff that is more specific.


“I wasn’t sure about framing regulations and the course is making me better on that. Other things like reading plans. We do a lot of contract stuff.”

​”The evening course times suit me. I live in Point Cook so it’s close to home. I do class three hours twice a week.


“My favourite part of the course is contracts because I want to learn about them. It will help me setting up my business and working with customers.”


​”My future plan is to become a builder. I want to build houses for my self and for clients. I’m thinking of building a couple of houses here and there and then slowly start working for clients.


“I finish the course in about three months. Once I finish the course I’ll apply for a few things like getting insurance sorted.”


​”Everyone is different. I love working in building. That’s what makes me happy at the moment. I’m enjoying it.”


Legend! Thanks Igor.


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