Careers After Redundancy – Get Back on Track with Building and Construction


Redundancy in later life often comes as a shock, and the immediate consequences of leaving your long-term position may cause you stress. Not only are finances now front-of-mind, you may also be wondering about how you can rediscover old networks and begin to market yourself again. It’s the moment after being made redundant, “what to do next?” begins circulating in your head.

The answer may just be a Certificate IV in Building and Construction.

Because what many people in their 30s and 40s discover is that redundancy can often come as a blessing in disguise—encouraging you to question your satisfaction in your original career path to begin with. Perhaps, this was the nudge you needed to find a passion you never knew you had, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for a career change after redundancy.

Whether you choose a short course to test the waters, a Certificate IV of Building and Construction online, or a Diploma of Building and Construction, you’ll be well on your way to a promising and fulfilling career of creating something from nothing.

Focus on Transferrable Skills and Shared Values

Not all aspects of a construction career are about hands-on technique. In fact, as you climb further up the ladder and through your Certificate IV in Building and Construction study, you’ll move away from labour altogether and instead set your sights on project management, team leadership, and whole-job oversight.

This means that you may be able to take significant aspects of your old role, and apply them to this entirely new setting. Comb through your highest paid job description, or your latest yearly review, and pluck out those key attributes that you demonstrated, like leadership, time management and project planning. These will place you in excellent stead for a smooth transition without slowing down, and will be further strengthened through completing a Certificate IV in Building and Construction online.

What’s more, this is an opportunity to align yourself with an organisation that shares your intrinsic values, whether that’s a passion for sustainability, or fostering local community. Approach a number of companies that you could see yourself gelling with and use this angle to strengthen your application.

certificate IV in building and construction online

Have you considered a Mature-Age Apprenticeship?

For many of us who don’t have a background in construction or a trade, an apprenticeship can be one pathway to gaining long-term employment and building a career. In fact, there are now a number of entry pathways, and for mature-age career changers, an apprenticeship can be a step in the right direction.

Because you have life experiences, a certain level of maturity, and professional skills from past employment, a prospective employer may see you as an asset to the company. You could be given tasks and responsibilities younger apprentices wouldn’t be trusted with, accelerating the rate of your learning.

Mature age apprentices tend to be more stable in their private lives, and have already been through the challenges that 16-20 year olds face. While a younger apprentice may take some time to become accustomed to a work environment, an adult apprentice can hit the ground running and be productive from the get-go.

If an apprenticeship pathway isn’t the right choice for you, you are able to combine a lifetime of career experience with a course, like a Certificate IV or Diploma of Building and Construction, to hone your talents to work towards a leadership role within the building and construction industry.

Each year demand for housing and infrastructure is increasing. To facilitate this growth, there is an increased need for building professionals who can manage a vast number of people and resources to complete developments on time.

These qualifications are tailored toward all levels of industry experience. What’s more, with the option of completing your whole course through a virtual classroom, you can study a Certificate IV in Building and Construction online any time, from anywhere.

certificate IV in building and construction

Be Empowered by Open-Ended Career Prospects

Were you stunted by a ceiling in your old career, resigned to the fact that you were at the end of the road? One of the most inspiring aspects to starting a career in construction is the limitless prospects. If you already have skills like people and project management, you may find that you skip the long days on the tools and head straight for higher roles, or may like to even consider opening your own specialist or consulting business, with a niche for the construction industry—complete with uncapped earning potential.

People in this position might like to consider a Diploma of Building and Construction, helping them make the transition into a supervisor or manager role after graduation. Learn about tender proposals, structural principles, estimations and hiring. The Diploma of Building and Construction is one that delivers a comprehensive skill set to equip you with everything you need for your next move.