4 Social Media Hacks for Your Construction Business


Are you considering starting a social media pages for your business? Perhaps you already have a social media presence that you’re looking to revamp, or as we call it in the biz, “optimise”. In this article, we’ll give you some construction social media ideas. We’ll help your construction company create social media content to impress more customers and keep business flowing.

Why is social media important?

Has your business traditionally relied on word of mouth to get new customers? Referrals are great for business, but nowadays, social media plays a big part in the referral process.

Customers like to check a business’s social media pages (especially Facebook and Instagram) after they get a referral. Or a customer could even use social media to discover your business without a referral. Customers might get a referral to one business, and after checking their social media page, decide to search other businesses to compare to.

Either way, social media is extremely important to your business. As the public face of your business, social media lends credibility. It shows that your business is legit. Social media also has the potential to showcase your great work and all the happy customers you’ve worked satisfied.

Now that you understand why social media is important, let’s get down to those construction social media ideas.

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1.    Pictures/Photos

Images are going to be the lifeblood of your construction company social media content. Post plenty of images to show off all that your business does. This helps impress new and existing customers. Your aim is to get likes, and hopefully shares, spreading the word about your company.

What kind of images should you post? If you’re looking for construction social media ideas, any image that shows the human side to your business will get the best results. Here are some examples of images you could post:

  • Before and after shots of a job well done
  • Current photos of what your team is working on (don’t forget to include the team, not just the construction!)
  • Progress shots in the form of a gallery
  • Social photos, e.g. the team with their knock-off brews
  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Detail shots
  • Employees with their latest building and construction certificates

 2. Hashtags

Use hashtags to your full advantage. Hashtags help to get your post out there for all to see, especially on Instagram. For example, a customer may search construction-related hashtags to find and browse images. Using good hashtags can be the difference between an effective and ineffective Instagram page.

So which hashtags should you use for your construction company social media content? The first step when choosing your hashtags is to do some research. See what hashtags your competitors are using and which are the most common.

3. Shout outs

Another way to gain more followers and reach more people is by giving shout outs to your fellow businesses. By tagging other business, you can get in front of their followers too.

Give a shout out to your subcontractors, manufacturers or vendors. You can even give shout outs to your happy customers or to any local business in the area who is part of your team’s workday.

Has one of your employees recently done building and construction certificates or a diploma in building and construction with Builders Academy Australia? This is your perfect opportunity to give us a shout out. Tag BAA’s Facebook to reach 40k followers or BAA’s Instagram to reach 16k followers.

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4. Contact details

If you don’t have a website, social media can do the same job. In fact, a lot of successful construction businesses use only social media and don’t need a website.

Regardless of whether you’re using an official website or not, your social media pages need to be complete with contact details. Contact details should include your official business name, phone number and location.

Including contact details has a number of advantages. It helps your business look more professional and legit, to both followers and anyone who stumbles across your page. It also has the added advantage of helping people find you through Google search, for example, if they are looking for construction businesses in your area.

Using social media

If you’ve taken a diploma in building and construction, you already know how valuable tools like social media can be to your construction company. On the other hand, if you’re considering building and construction certificates, you could learn many other helpful ways to succeed in business. Social media is just one way to get more customers and make your company look legit and professional.