What Are the Benefits of Studying Building Courses Online?


Life’s changed a lot since the global outbreak of COVID-19. Social distancing has become the new normal. And in order to keep everyone safe, life probably won’t be the same for many months to come.

While building is a hands-on career, you can still study building courses online and skill up from home. Not only is learning online the best option in our current environment, it actually has heaps of other benefits too. Read on to discover the advantages of studying building and construction courses online.

Learn online the right way

In a time when social distancing is super important, many education institutions have switched to online learning. But these courses, which are traditionally face-to-face, are not designed to be taken online. This leaves students unsure of how to use technology, can make assessments confusing and online classes just not that engaging.

But our building courses online are actually designed to be taken online. That means the course has been created to enhance your learning experience. Online classes are created especially so that they are just as good as physical ones. And trainers know how to create assessment tasks and activities for digital learning.

Super convenient

Regardless of whether you’re self-isolating at home or you’re still working in an essential job, studying building courses online is convenient. When you take a building and construction course online, all you need is a good internet connection.

Whether you choose our self-paced study option or the virtual classroom, you can study anywhere that works for you. Even when the social distancing rules ease up and life goes back to how it was before, you’ll love the convenience of being able to study at the office, your footy club or from your couch.

Accessible for rural Aussies

If you live outside of urban and suburban areas, trying to find a school or college nearby can be a pain. Not to mention how much time you waste in the car travelling between work, school and home.

Online learning is perfect for rural and regional Aussies. Our courses are designed so you don’t miss out on what suburban and city people have at their doorsteps.

Loads of support

You might think that studying an online certificate or diploma is not the same as studying in-person. Back in the day, this might’ve been true. But now, online learning and technology has evolved rapidly to create an engaged experience.

Our online courses are designed to give you a huge amount of support throughout. You’ll have all the help you need, just like you would in a traditional course. You attend classes, ask questions from an experienced trainer, and chat with your classmates –all online.


If you think online learning involves just reading off a screen, think again. Online building courses are designed for active learning, which actually helps your brain remember info. Our courses are interactive, meaning you get to do fun stuff like activities, live classes, discussions, and quizzes.

Our building courses online are created so that you get a community of support that feels a lot like physical schooling. You and your classmates can motivate and challenge each other just like you would in a bricks n’ mortar classroom. And don’t forget, your trainers have plenty of hands on experience. They’re always around to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Easy to catch up

Our classes are live so you get an authentic experience just like you would in a classroom. But these sessions are also recorded and stored so you can access them afterwards. This is great news for your learning. You can go back and rewatch if you want to revise or even if you had a hard time understanding a concept and need to view it again at your own pace. We also know that life can get in the way of studies sometimes. That’s okay, with recorded classes, you can catch up on anything you missed.

Save time & money

Whether you live in the city, suburbs or country, studying online saves you time because you don’t have to commute to class. And as they say, time really is money. Instead of driving, spend your time more constructively by studying, revising or working.

Studying online also saves you costs associated with traditional learning like books and stationary. All you need is a computer and good internet connection, which are great things to have even after you’ve got your certificate or diploma and your studies are complete.

The benefits of building courses online

As you can see, there are tonnes of benefits to studying online. At a time when we need to maintain social distance to help save lives and prevent the spread of the virus, online learning is the way to go. But even when life goes back to normal—and it will—today’s online learning options are engaging, thorough, and offer plenty of support.

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