Future Stars: The Legends Training in Building & Construction


Sporting careers are exciting, but can often end early or unexpectedly. Many junior footballers train in building and construction so they can start a second career when their first comes to a close.

At Builders Academy, we follow up and coming players through Future Stars, a television program that follows the journey of young people hoping to establish a career in AFL.

Providing opportunities for young people to take up building and construction certificates is just one way we provide great development pathways for budding young footballers hoping to be chosen for the AFL draft.

Read on to learn more about our future stars and how they are establishing themselves in the building and construction industry.

How do footy and building and construction come together?

So you’ve been training hard at footy practice and you like the teamwork, skill and dedication. You’re willing to do what it takes with your training to make sure you succeed in your local club and beyond.

So why do you need to focus on another job? Diversifying your skills will not only give you wider career choices after your footy career, but it’s a great way to learn more about what you like doing and see more of the world and get you out of your comfort zone.

Equipping yourself with new skills and gaining experience doesn’t only give you a greater chance of job stability, but it also develops your personal skills. Many AFL players choose to complete a qualification such as a Certificate III in Carpentry alongside their footy training so that they have another professional outlet in their life.

With today’s current competitive job market, you don’t want to put yourself behind by not getting yourself a certificate or diploma.

Building and construction certificates can be a great pathway for footy players because they are flexible, so can be worked around training schedules and other commitments. Like football, building and construction is hands-on, can be very physical, and requires fast thinking and teamwork.

They work well together because they both promote being in an environment in which you are constantly being active and thinking creatively. These skills align very well, which is why so many people in trades are also playing sport.

Why Builders Academy?

Builders Academy is the 2018 Victorian Small Training Provider of the Year, and offers a range of building and construction certificates such as the CPC30220  Certificate III in Carpentry. You can also do a Builders Academy Certificate IV in various trades.

Graduates from Builders Academy often find satisfying careers in their chosen trade, either on the tools, or through progression to management. Builders Academy Australia reviews its courses around industry expectations and has its programs taught by industry professionals.

Courses can also be delivered online, so no matter where you are you have the opportunity to start a trade. Students often make the most of this delivery option, and Builders Academy attendance can also be maximised at your local footy club.

In Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, future stars of the game can be trained in a CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) courses in local clubrooms—on non-footy-training nights of course.

This means you’ll be learning alongside your mates and industry professionals, which is the perfect way to start building your career networks you’ll need later down the line.

Many building and construction certificates also have subsidies for tuition through your state government or VET loans through the Australian Government. Apprenticeship students are paid as they complete their qualification, so you can also make money while you study.

Completing a Builders Academy diploma or certificate is a popular option for players on Future Stars, and by working with their coaches, we make sure young players are able to keep up with their studies and get the most out of their training.

Stars in Building and Construction

Western Bulldogs player Jack Redpath completed a CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) after several years both in construction and playing on the field.

After a number of years playing professionally, he believes that no matter how talented and passionate you are, it is important to have a backup plan for your future.

“I probably didn’t think about it in my first few years,” Jack said to the Future Stars team. “I saw what guys had when they finished AFL and sometimes it was not a lot.”

“That project management side of things, knowing how to run a group of guys, plus having the experience on the tools would be nice and maybe look after my body a little better than playing footy.”

There are many players like Redpath who have also chosen to continue their studies so that they have a secure career for when their AFL career comes to an end.

Your Future in Building and Construction

There is a range of pathways for individuals looking to get into building and construction, including construction management. A Certificate III in Carpentry can lead to a world of opportunities, so why not start now?

A Builders Academy Certificate IV can also be the building blocks for further studies if you are interested in gaining a degree. It could also launch you into well-paid leadership roles.

Next time you’re at training, ask your coach if your club offers a partnership with Builders Academy and start your future career today.