How To Apply For A Construction Apprenticeship


What’s involved in a construction apprentice application?

The construction industry is a great place to get jobs and careers for anyone who wants to build the homes, communities and cities of the future.

And one of the most satisfying jobs in construction is that of a tradesperson who is involved in the building process from the ground up.

But in order to become a tradie, you need to do an apprenticeship in that trade. Here, we show you how. 

What is a construction apprenticeship?

A construction apprenticeship is where you work for an employer in the building industry while learning how to do a skilled trade.

It usually comes together with a certificate 3, but instead of learning in a classroom like you did at school, you learn on the job. 

One of the best and most widely recognised construction apprenticeship programs  is the carpentry apprenticeship. 

As a carpenter’s apprentice you’d work for a  business like a Victorian home builder  while completing a Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220).

If you’re thinking about pursuing construction jobs, apprenticeships are a great option.

Entry requirements

One of the great things about a construction apprenticeship is that there are usually no formal education requirements to start.

This is because construction trades are very hands-on and you’ll learn things that can’t be taught in books. 

For example the only entry requirements for the carpenter’s apprenticeship are you need to be 16 years or over and have a White Card.

Great for anyone who wants to leave school early or has already dropped out before finishing, construction apprenticeships let you dive into work while still gaining a qualification. 

How to apply for a construction apprenticeship

Do a pre-apprenticeship

Are you interested in working in the construction industry but not sure what role would suit?

You could sample a wide range of roles by doing a pre apprenticeship program like the Certificate II in Construction Pathways (CPC20220).

In this course you will try your hand at basic building work while learning more about the construction industry.

By the end of your Certificate 2 in Construction Pathways, you’ll have a much better idea of what sort of construction apprenticeship you want to do.

Contact a building school

Apply for construction apprenticeships by calling a building school that delivers construction courses like the Cert 3 in Carpentry.

Make sure you choose a registered training provider so that your certificate will be recognised across the construction industry and anywhere in Australia.

As a leading registered training provider in Victoria, we at Builders Academy Australia partner with many building companies who hire apprentices. 

So if you do your certificates Cert III in Carpentry  with us, you could do an apprenticeship with a building company like Simonds Homes.

Search online

Another way to get a construction apprenticeship is by using jobs sites.

While websites like Seek and Indeed are well known as places to find jobs, they’re also places to find apprenticeships. 

Browse these sites regularly or sign up for notifications about construction apprenticeships in regional Victoria or metropolitan Melbourne. 

Small businesses and large building companies post advertisements at sites like these for construction jobs apprenticeships. 

Simply use the website you normally go to or search Google to view ads for construction jobs, apprenticeships.

Contact businesses

Aside from looking online you can search for construction apprenticeships by contacting businesses and companies directly.

With this method, you look up building businesses phone numbers in the Yellow Pages and give them a call. 

You can look for carpenters, home builders, plumbers and more.

Introduce yourself and ask them whether they’d be willing to take on an apprentice.

If they sound interested, you can then email through your resume or better yet drop it off in person.

This is a great option if you want to connect with builders and tradies in your local area. 

You can even remind them of the government incentives to hire apprentices such as payments and subsidies. 

How to get a construction apprenticeship

Construction apprenticeship programs like the Certificate III in Carpentry are a great way to earn a living while getting qualified in a skilled trade.

While there are many ways to apply for a construction apprenticeship, your best bet is by reaching out to a building school like Builders Academy who can connect you with employer partners. 

Thinking of doing a construction apprenticeship? Chat to a course advisor about how to apply on 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) or request a callback today.