BAA Building Leadership Pathway Program


Want to work in the building and construction industry? You’ll need to take some sort of building and construction courses to learn the right skills and gain experience. It should come as no surprise that jobs with higher salaries usually require the most training.

If you want to become a manager or supervisor in construction, you could earn much more than a builder or tradesperson. And to get to this position, you often need a building degree from a university.

But what should you do if you didn’t get the grades for university?

The good news is that you don’t have to give up on your dreams. Even without the required high school grades, you can take an alternative pathway into university.

In this article we’ll introduce you to our Building Leadership Pathway Program. It’s designed to help you get into university and complete a building degree, setting you on a pathway to a higher paying job in the future.

Why do the Building Leadership Pathway Program?

If you didn’t get the scores for university, but want to pursue a highly paid job in building and construction, this program is for you.

If your ultimate aim is to become one of the following building professionals, then the pathway program is your first step.

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Building Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Project Supervisor
  • Lead Foreman

When you graduate from the pathway program, you get guaranteed entry into one of the following Victoria University courses:

What you learn

This program introduces you to all aspects of construction management. 

The program teaches you about domestic and commercial building through a mix of theory and integrated learning that gets you out of the classroom and onto the job site.

Once you complete this program, you’ll graduate with these qualifications:

How long does it take?

This program fast-tracks your progress towards a building and construction career. It takes just 44 weeks to complete, spread out over a 12 month period.

While taking the course, you’ll do 2.5 days per week of on-campus learning and a half-day of self-directed online study (SDOL).

That comes to a total of 21 hours per week to complete the course, giving you enough time to continue working in a paid job to support yourself.

Shorten your bachelor’s degree

The pathway program can also help shorten the length of your bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree normally takes 3 years to complete, or 4 years if you do honours. But when you complete the pathway program, you can earn credits towards your degree. This means taking up to 1.5 years off your total degree time!

About BAA

Now that you know what the building leadership pathway program is all about, you’re probably wondering why you should do it at Builders Academy Australia.

We’re a registered training provider born out of Simonds Homes—one of Australia’s largest home builders. Simonds has been around since 1949.

Builders Academy was started because we believe in “builders training builders.” This means that our trainers have solid industry experience, making them the perfect teachers for the next gen of Aussie builders.

We now deliver a huge range of building and construction courses, and we have heaps of campuses across Melbourne and regional Victoria, as well as online delivery.

About VU

Like Simonds, Victoria University has an excellent track record in training construction professionals. The uni has been around for over 100 years ago and is one of  the world’s top-rated universities.

That’s why we choose to partner with Victoria University to help ambitious builders reach their career goals.

Want to do a bachelor of building and construction?

If you want to become a supervisor or manager in the construction industry and earn a great salary, then a building degree is a great pathway to get there. If you’re shy of the grades required, then completing the Building Leadership Pathway Program can get you guaranteed entry into Victoria University.

You’ll graduate the program with a cert IV and a diploma, giving you both theoretical and practical training in the building game. You’ll then have a better idea of whether you prefer to do trades work or if you want to keep studying to get that degree.

Got questions about the Building Leadership Pathway Program? Call us on 1300 LEGEND or fill out our enquiry form today.