Queensland’s in Demand of Construction Apprentices


As it turns out, it’s currently an excellent time to be an apprentice in the building and construction industry. According to a report released by Construction Skills Queensland, the demand for apprentices throughout the past 10 years has exceeded every other state bar Western Australia. When you consider the mining boom in Perth, which has drawn an influx of building and construction talent during these same years, this is a considerable trend for the sunny state of Queensland.

So what does this peak in interest mean for the industry?

The recent report has shown that the bulk of the demand is centred around the heavy and civil construction industries, with the sector boasting four times the number of apprentices than recorded in 2008. The current amount of residential projects has also displayed an upwards climb and this trend is expected to continue, CSQ reports.

This is exciting news for those looking to get into construction, as it reflects a strong and thriving industry. This means interested parties can expect solid job security, excellent career progression opportunities and enough healthy demand to result in talent being rewarded with healthy pay incentives.


The importance of upskilling tradespeople and boosting training programs

In previous years when the industry experienced a spike, the construction workforce was not equipped to handle such demands and there was an overall skills shortage. This meant that certain projects were forced to be delayed whilst others were scrapped altogether. Now, however, Queensland’s labour force is in a much stronger position to tackle the increased activity.

Thanks to these previous booms in industry, Queensland is now equipped with a very capable pool of talented tradespeople. As our economy and population continues to expand, this trend will continue to grow comparatively. This means that new apprentices are required to keep pace with this growing influx and upskill throughout their careers.

The future of the industry depends on attracting talented individuals

Queensland’s labour force is now in a better position than ever to focus on encouraging its tradespeople to specialise in specific construction classes. This will ensure that talent is always available to meet increasing demands whilst ensuring the overall quality of their work is of an uncompromisingly high standard.

As Queensland’s workforce landscape continues to shift, one thing seems certain: construction offers an ultimately rewarding career to get involved in.