Tech Tools: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Drone


You’ve probably seen them on TV (or maybe even in real life): those buzzing little remote control planes, spying on everyone and filming all kinds of crazy feats of man and nature alike, but who knew they could have a place on the construction site?

Drones have been used for many years in war zones and for exploration purposes, but it is only recently that these little guys have started to be used on work sites. While very useful for surveillance, particularly on big sites or large scale developments (as covered very well in this article), drones can also come in handy for surveying, showing clients views from apartments that are still in the planning stages, providing overviews of completed projects from above (very cool indeed) and ensuring everyone is wearing their safety gear are all jobs drones are already doing all over the world.

The best thing about drones is that they can go places humans and heavy machinery can’t, which adds to the arsenal of skills and attributes already at play on a job site (rather than replacing something already existing). This article covers the cutting edge uses for drones already in play overseas, including reporting back to management with survey results so that 3D models can be constructed of progress – makes meetings a bit more exciting, hey?

Companies of all sizes are jumping on the drone bandwagon, and it’s easy to see why. With construction of residential and commercial buildings making up a huge part of the work tradies do, having access to a cheaper, more effective way of surveying and photographing progress makes both reporting and marketing projects cheaper (and more fun, let’s be honest).

Do you use drones at work? Or have you ever flown one?

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